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Lindo Little Feeling Concert Electro Acoustic Ukulele and Padded Gig Bag

(9 customer reviews)

The Little Feeling is a great all-round electro-acoustic ukulele created in the U.K by Lindo Guitars. Developed from the style of its big sister, the Lindo Feeling Electro-Acoustic guitar, the Little Feeling includes the stylish engraved flame pattern around the sound hole.

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Lindo Little Feeling Concert – a unique Concert size electro-acoustic ukulele created in the U.K by Lindo Guitars.

Developed from the style of its big sister: the Lindo Feeling Electro-Acoustic guitar. The Lindo Little Feeling includes the stylish engraved flame pattern around the sound hole and sapele open pore wood finish. The Little Feeling is incredibly affordable and Lindo are confident you will be taken aback with the quality of sound, finish and playability. The unique features on a ukulele with this price tag are sure to impress your friends. There is not a lot more that a player could ask for from a ukulele – sleek and smooth with great string tone – and a joy to play.

Ideal for beginners, intermediates and professional players alike.


The main body is sapele, which gives this ukulele some gorgeous characteristics which are both warm and soft. This means the Lindo Little Feeling has a satisfying bite when finger-picked as well as impressive resonance for strummed chords. The sapele headstock has the classic Lindo metallic logo which complements the black walnut fretboard and elliptical inlays. The die-cast, machine heads ensure the ukulele holds a perfect tune every time.

Added Features

The truss rod is great for seasonal neck adjustments, which isn’t something you find on ukuleles too often. The on-board preamp with its own integrated chromatic tuner is also a huge benefit. The Lindo Little Feeling preamp has a jack and XLR output, so you can play live, record at home or in a professional studio. The Little Feeling will always let you capture that warm acoustic sound wherever you are. The integrated preamp includes bass, middle, treble controls and a master volume dial. At the press of a button, the backlit LCD display comes to life and shows off the built–in chromatic tuner. The preamp unit also has a low-battery indicator LED so that you know when it is time to change the battery.

Getting Around

A fitted, padded gig bag is included which is ideal for adding extra protection when you are on the move. As well as all the various modes of transport, the Lindo Little Feeling ukulele will easily fit in aeroplane overhead storage. This is the ideal travel guitar…well…”travel ukulele”!

Colour Natural Sapele
Machine Heads Lindo Die-cast alloy with chrome finish
Preamp UK500 with piezoelectric pickup, Tuner, backlit LCD and 2-band EQ
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 17
Strings Aquila Supernylgut
Size 23.75″
Body Depth 7.5 cm
Scale Length 15″
Nut Width 3.5 cm
Top Material Sapele
Side Material Sapele
Back Material Sapele
Fretboard Black walnut
Neck Nato
Bridge Black walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material ABS
Accessories Gig bag, 9V battery, truss rod Allen key


9 reviews for Lindo Little Feeling Concert Electro Acoustic Ukulele and Padded Gig Bag

  1. Paul Hibbert “The Master”

    Bought for my Uke mad daughter as her first “expensive” Uke. She used her Xmas money to buy an amp too. Have to say it sounds beautiful with or without the amp. Shows you get what you pay for (even though some of her other Ukes were 70). Cracking bit of kit this. Beautifully made, you can smell, feel and hear the quality.

  2. Aquaboy

    This is my first Ukulele and I love it.
    It took me a few days to get used to strumming but now I can play it with confidence.
    Really happy with the build quality, it feels and looks amazing. The battery, cable & soft case was included. The on board tuner is a life saver as the nylon strings need fine tuning before each session. I used both the phono and XLR connection and the XLR sounds far better when recording into Logic Pro X.
    Highly recommend!

  3. iPhone User

    My sixth Ukulele, so i know what i like. Boy do i like this Uke. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Tuner and EQ are great. Plays fabulously well. Sounds Great. I love it! Even better that i got a “used” one that warned of “damaged packaging”. Turned out it was brand new (or looked it at least), and i forget to check the packaging as it went in the bin 20 seconds after i took the uke out of it 🙂 Saved £40 🙂

  4. Derek Manley

    A good looking instrument (although some of my compadres did think the laser etched flame design a “little rock ‘n’ roll” ; not so bad in my opinion!) and they seemed impressed with the “little shiney bit” on the headstock (only kidding they knew it hid a truss rod – even more impressive). It produced a very powerful sound straight out of the box and when plugged into a crummy practice amp it sounded like Hendrix in the Royal Albert Hall. Truely impressive electronics. Out of the box I would have liked it strung a bit better – the strings are only knotted though the bridge and the G popped straight though when tuning. I ended up re-stringing, looping the strings through and binding. The machine heads seem good. Like other reviewrs found (or rather didn’t!) no P/U lead and it took me a while to find the batteries amongst the packaging. In all, a fine looking instrument with attractive binding and inlays also with excellent electronics. You get a lot of bang for your buck. Now if I can learn to play it …

    Addendum – It took me a while to notice this but … the uke is modelled on the Lindo Feeling guitar, consequently the fret markers ( as lovely as they are!) are at positions, 3;5;7 and 9 – not 10 as you would expect on a ukulele. Similarly with the side markers. It obviously makes no difference to the sound of the instrument but beware if you are sliding up the neck, that G might turn out to be an F# !

  5. Henagaijin1996

    A beautiful ukulele; at this price. Good tone and action straight out of the box. I have been very impressed by this. The in-built tuner is a very nice touch.

  6. Miss K M Reed

    A great instrument, I’m very pleased with this purchase, it’s a lovely looking ukulele with a good sound both unplugged and amplified. It’s price and quality make it good value, I’m looking forward to performing with this little beauty

  7. Ian Davies

    As a guitar player, I had been wanting to try the Ukulele for years. I wanted something that wasn’t going to break the bank but that would also have good tone and build. This little Ukulele did not disappoint.

    It has a bright sound and comes with Aquila Nylgut strings which are recommended as the best by most Ukulele sites and forums.

    It is very well built, being made from Sapele wood with flame etching around the sound hole and some nice mother of pearl inlays. It has metal tuners and to top it all off, it has a built in pre-amp, pickup, equaliser and tuner so you can not only plug in to boost your sound but you don’t have to worry about grabbing a tuner.

    It took me a while to get the tuning to stay put but when you generally play steel strings, you forget that nylon takes longer to stretch and settle.

    It is lovely to play and as I said, has a great tone. It comes with a nice little gig bag which fits the Uke perfectly. The only thing that wasn’t included with mine was the CR2032 batteries needed for the pre-amp and tuner. You can get these in most shops though and I just grabbed some from a local supermarket (before realising I had some in a drawer).

    I’m still getting used to the different feel when playing but this thing is so much fun and well worth the money. I haven’t seen anything else as well-equipped and well-made in this price range.

  8. Will Hart

    I was eyeing up the Little Feeling for over a year before I finally had an excuse to buy it for an open mic night. It came out of the box beautiful and ready to play, strings barely needed a tune up with the excellent built in tuner, making it immediately apparent that the lovely metal gear tuners hold their tune well even in transit. The tone is fabulous – clear but warm, and it rings like a bell… like a well made string instrument should sustain, really. The instrument is a nice weight, a little heavier than it looks due to the pick up, but it’s actually still perfectly balanced. You can balance the instrument with one finger under the base of the neck. The fretboard is really nice, the mother of pearl inlay fret markers are gorgeous, and I’m really happy to see fret markers on the side of the neck too.

    I initially thought there was some buzzing in one of the gear tuners, turns out I had put the wrong battery size in the battery compartment next to the lead plug, and the tiny bit of space left in the battery compartment was allowing some kind of resonance when the C string was plucked. Some hunting around revealed that Lindo had actually INCLUDED the right type of battery (CR302) in the soft travel case! Duh…

    The travel case itself looks thin and flimsy at first, but closer inspection reveals a decent amount of padding in the front and back. In using the case as well, the handles are resilient and allow relatively balances holding off the uke horizontally, and the shoulder strap actually has some length in it, which is something I have found lacking even in custom made cases. The front pocket actually has some space in it too, it isn’t fully flush to the case so you can actually put gear in it. I have been pleasantly surprised by the case, and unless you’re after a hard case it will do the job nicely.

    Also included in the box is a 2m lead for you to plug in and play right from the off. The lead is thin but to my joy it has an angled jack, and hey, free lead. The video review on YouTube for this little thing is not misleading, and it sounds as good if not better plugged in. The tone is even richer, punchier, and the connection is good – you can get a lot of volume before hissing. The lead also fits very nicely in the front pocket of the travel case, still with plenty of room to rummage around for the capo, pick case and spare batteries I fit in alongside.

    The surprise included lead completes the almost flawless experience you get from the Little Feeling straight out of the box, no hassle. Lindo has made it so you want for nothing as soon as it arrives. And on top of all that, it simply looks and feels great, and there are so many nice touches. The white trim, metal tuners and pearl inlays come together to simply look good, especially against the wood, and I really like the “L” engravings on the back of the tuners. You can feel and see the grain of the wood on the body, so if you’re looking for glossy you won’t find it here, but personally I find it gives an authentic feeling. The one thing I don’t love about this instrument is the flame engraving – up close, I feel it is a tacky touch on an otherwise elegant looking and sounding instrument. However from a distance the design blends in well with the wood grain.

    In short, I love this ukulele. Lindo’s attention to detail is amazing, I’m really pleased with all the things that come included with it, and honestly I would have happily paid more than £130 for it.

  9. D. Hawkins

    Still learning to play and transfer skills from guitar playing, but am impressed so far by sound and quality of build. Came in good time and packaged well.

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