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Lindo 960CEQ Classical Electro-Acoustic Guitar – Picasso Blue

(46 customer reviews)

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Blue Guitar and pushing the boundaries in classical guitar design, this hand-crafted instrument maintains traditional appeal but with modern features such as the on-board preamplifier with chromatic tuner.

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The Lindo 960CEQ Classical Guitar – Designed in Bristol, U.K, by Lindo Guitars

The Lindo 960CEQ is a classical guitar that combines classical charm with modern innovations. Its onboard preamp with built-in chromatic tuner allows you to expand your musical possibilities. The guitar’s striking graphic art print top, inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Blue Guitar, sets it apart from other guitars with plain wood tops. Additionally, the tasteful inlays make it a delight for those who appreciate attention to detail.



The Lindo 960CEQ offers a combination of nylon and steel strings, along with a spruce top that provides a bright, sustained tone. The mahogany body and neck further enhance the guitar’s low-end response, while its snappy mids and harmonious highs make for a versatile sound. The Venetian cutaway design not only adds a stylish touch but also allows players easier access to the higher notes on the fretboard. With this level of versatility, the Lindo 960CEQ is ideal for classical and flamenco players as well as those who prefer more modern, percussive, and virtuoso styles of playing.



The Lindo 960CEQ boasts a classic 3-a-side machine head design that accommodates both nylon/silk and steel strings. The headstock and neck are made of mahogany, giving the guitar a warm, rich tone. The neck’s smooth satin finish ensures a comfortable playing experience, allowing your hands to glide effortlessly along the fretboard. The machine heads are sturdy and reliable, providing precise tuning for a variety of playing styles. Whether you’re a classical purist or an experimental musician, the Lindo 960CEQ’s headstock and tuners offer a combination of traditional design and modern functionality.



The Lindo 960CEQ takes your playing to the next level with its TOPS-4T preamplifier and tuner system. Featuring an on-board EQ with bass, middle, treble, and presence controls, this system offers unmatched sound customization for live performances or home recordings. The preamplifier also includes dual jack and XLR outputs, giving you the flexibility to connect to a variety of amplifiers, PA systems, or recording interfaces. The integrated chromatic tuner function is easily accessible via a backlit LCD screen, providing quick and easy tuning on the fly. With the F-4T preamplifier and tuner, the Lindo 960CEQ offers a versatile and user-friendly system for musicians of all levels.


full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.


Colour Blue and natural mahogany
Preamp TOPS-4T with 4-band EQ
Pick-up Piezoelectric
Machine Heads Alloy with marble heads
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 19
Strings Nylon/steel
Size 41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth 100mm
Scale Length 25.5″
Nut Width 52mm
Top Material Spruce
Side Material Mahogany
Back Material Mahogany
Fretboard and Bridge Walnut
Inlay Material Grey and white ABS
Binding Material ABS
Neck Nato
Accessories Gig bag, 9v battery and Allen key.



46 reviews for Lindo 960CEQ Classical Electro-Acoustic Guitar – Picasso Blue

  1. Paul

    Having recently taken up guitar lessons again I was struggling with my old narrow necked acoustic guitar and was advised to look at a wide necked classical guitar and this Lindo electro acoustic guitar was just what I wanted, a great guitar for the money and I love the Picasso blue colour as I wanted something a bit different. It arrived a day earlier than I was expecting in great condition and after tuning it I plugged it in to my amp and was delighted with the sound. I would definitely recommend this guitar to anyone who is looking for a great value, wide necked, electro acoustic guitar.

  2. Nick C.

    This guitar although classical in design is very bold in its colour concept and overall looks… it plays very well and is strikingly different to anything else out there especially for the price !.. I use this guitar as a ‘back up’ for my Takamine classical… it certain does not disappoint !.. Worth giving it a look…you cant beat it for value / price..

  3. Alan Claughan

    Loved the other reviews, couldn’t believe the price. Detailed info on Lindo website too. Just had to get it at this price and free delivery. Good customer services too.
    Thanks again

  4. A. Lewis

    I like Lindo guitars – I own quite a lot of other makes, some high end ones too, and I have never been disappointed by one of the Lindo’s so far. Their design philosophy seems to work well and they care about their instruments.
    But what I didn’t have in my guitar colletion were many nylon strung guitars – my others are all steel strung except for one nylon acoustic, so I thought adding another would be good. Especially since the Picasso was an electro acoustic and that opened up some possibilities for recording. The Picasso arrived very quickly, well packed, and was in lovely condition – as with other Lindos this Picasso is very well made, solid and looks made to last. Nylon strings need to be bedded in and regularly retensioned in the first weeks, though they do settle down after a while. The strings that the Picasso comes with are not the best – a more resonant set to replace them would be a wise investment. I have gone for some D’Addarios and suddenly the Picasso starts to ‘sing’! Especially in the higher registers on the topmost strings. It has a very pleasing musical intonation. The looks are unusual, but I really like the design. You would have to spend perhaps twice this to get a classical guitar that was as good, I feel – and that is before the electro-acoustic is taken into account. It boasts both a jack plug and balanced XLR output. Very easy to play, action is very good – if you want a good nylon strung acoustic to keep for a long while, this is definitely one to consider. Very highly recommended.

  5. Jacob Molyneux

    I like the look and sound and its easy to play

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very good guitar sound is great, preamp with tuner is a big plus. Only thing that is lacking rae the stap peg, which I have to put in myself. Would be nice if it comes as standard. Otherwise no complain and will buy another lindo guitar in the future.

  7. Emma Hendry

    For the price, I think this is a fantastic guitar. Really great quality for the price. Highly recommended.

  8. Mr C Noble

    I have had a Lindo guitar before, a couple of years ago when i lived somewhere else. Unfortunately, due to circumstances at the time, i had to let it go. I decided now that i am on a firm and stable footing again, to pick up playing the guitar again. I decided on this one after a lot of research and it arrived today, well ahead of time and very well packaged.
    Upon taking it out of the box, i was immediately impressed with its looks and feel. I must of spent about 20 minutes alone just looking at the guitar, trying to find any blemishes or marks but as i expected, there was non. It is in absolute perfect condition.
    Playing the guitar a little, i didn’t expect it to be in tune, but to my surprise, it was in tune! I just know now that i am going to be getting a lot of joyful time playing this amazing guitar. It is absolutely stunning to look at and sounds amazing when played. Lindo really do pay attention to detail, and for the price, well i don’t think you are going to come remotely close to finding something else at a similar price that will have the same quality as this! Or even sound as beautiful as this!
    I will be building up a collection of guitars as i progress, and i definitely will be returning to Lindo to buy more.
    I highly recommend a Lindo guitar for anyone, especially this one.

  9. Martin Hills

    You must start with the premise that this is a cheap guitar and being ultra criitical the finish looks cheap close up but I feel this is more than compensated for by the lovely tone especially in the lower range.I should point out that I am not a talented musician far from it.
    I have had reason to phone Lindo Guitars and to be able to speak to Mark regarding the impossibility of keeping the bass E string in tune he informed me that it would take two or more weeks to stay in tune, well it still doesn’t but is a little better any way who needs six strings!
    Mark, who is a very helpful guy, whom I will have to phone next week regarding the purchase and use of a small amplifier and the complexities of restringing I think you need knitting needles the strangest anchoring system I have ever seen ( But this is my first Classical guitar)
    I really recommend this guitar I think it is great value for money and I don’t think you will regret it

  10. Amazon Customer

    Bought it on 17 Apr 2013. Good side and nice sound 🙂

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