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Lindo Electro Acoustic Guitar Accessory Pack (Stand, DVD, Strap, Strings, Plectrums, Capo)

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Lindo Electro Acoustic Guitar Accessory Pack

Containing all the essentiall add-ons for your acoustic guitar. Whether you are a complete beginner purchasing your first guitar or an established player wanting to save on individual accessories. This pack not only saves you money but is extremely handy.

Lindo Guitar Stand (RRP £14.99)

Prevent your beloved instrument from being placed in awkward places. Or worst of all – being knocked over! Guitars are delicate and headstock will break if the guitar hits the floor. So do the sensible thing and spend a few pounds now instead of a lot on a repair or replacement guitar purchase later. The tripod design allows height adjustability as well as a wide base to give peace of mind and security.

Lindo Beginner Acoustic Guitar DVD (RRP £13.99)

Created in-house at Lindo Guitars, Bristol. Guitar magician Rich Weaver will be your personal tutor. Rich goes back to basics and beyond giving you the perfect start to learning guitar. Or perhaps you have just become a bit rusty and want to refresh your theory and pickup some useful tips and tricks.

Lindo Faux Leather Guitar Strap (RRP £14.99)

This “Lasso” style adjustable faux leather strap is suitable for any acoustic or electric guitar – or any string instrument that is meant to have a strap.

The soft faux leather provides maximum comfort for standing situations and is fully adjustable to 8 different lengths.

Minimum Length – 94cm
Maximum Length – 124cm
Width – 6cm
Thickness- 4mm

Lindo Acoustic Guitar Strings (RRP £4.99)

A great set of strings for your acoustic guitar. Always good to have spares in case your existing strings break or snap.

Great tone, quality material, durable and competitively priced. You won’t find a better value-for-money set anywhere else!

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Lindo Plectrums

An assortment of varying thickness for all your picking and strumming needs!