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Lindo F-4T Bass Guitar Preamplifier

Feature Details
Item model number F-4T-BASS
Backlight color Blue
Master volume Yes
Automatic low batt-check Yes
Function 4 Band EQ & LCD tuner
Pick-up Piezo ceramic pick-up
Input impedance 10M Ω
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
Bass (+/-)12dB at 60Hz
Middle (+/-)12dB at 650Hz
Treble (+/-)12dB at 2.2kHz
Presence (+/-)12dB at 10kHz
Weight 155g
Accessories included EQ, XLR unit with battery compartment, pickup, 8 mounting screws, 1 cable tie, 9V battery, sticky pad for cable attachment

£49.99 inc. VAT

In stock

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The F-4T Acoustic Bass Preamp with a built-in digital tuner is your perfect companion for on-the-go or onstage tuning. Boasting both a ‘note’ function for manual string tuning and an auto mode that intelligently recognizes the string you’re tuning, it ensures a smooth and hassle-free tuning experience.
Not only does it enhance your guitar’s aesthetic appeal with a sleek, modern look, but the F-4T-BASS also ensures practicality with a blue backlit LCD. It guarantees readability under all lighting conditions, saving you from the hassle of searching for your tuning pedal or juggling leads from amp to pedal. Even in noisy environments where clip-on tuners might struggle, this built-in tuner stands out. Its needle indicators, coupled with the three LED lights, clearly depict whether the string is flat, sharp, or in tune – delivering pitch-perfect tuning within an accuracy of 10 cents.
Installation is a breeze, whether you’re upgrading your acoustic guitar to an electro-acoustic or embarking on building your first instrument. All you need are a few basic tools, and you’re good to go. Once connected to an amplifier, live adjustments become a piece of cake. The easily accessible bass, middle, treble, and presence sliders, along with a master volume dial on the preamp unit, allow you to precisely shape your sound. Boost levels for a lead progression, or tone down the treble for a rhythm section – the possibilities are endless. The thoughtful addition of a low battery indicator ensures you are always ready, notifying you well in advance when the battery needs replacement.
The F-4T-BASS preamp comes integrated with an XLR socket featuring enhanced signal capability. This allows you to plug directly into external PA equipment or a recording desk, even while connected to your guitar amplifier. It’s a versatile tool perfect for live performances, home recording sessions, or professional studio work. Bring home the F-4T-BASS preamp for an unparalleled acoustic experience.

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