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Lindo Red ABS Hard Case Acoustic Classical Electro Guitar Up to 42″ | Lockable

Deluxe quality hard case to fit a acoustic and classical guitars up to 42 inches in length.

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Lindo Red ABS Hard Case Acoustic Classical Electro Guitar Up to 42" | Lockable
Lindo Red ABS Hard Case Acoustic Classical Electro Guitar Up to 42" | Lockable

“High-end-quality moulded ABS hard shell case to fit a full size electro-acoustic guitar with preamp or standard acoustic guitar up to 42 inches in length.”

Build Quality

Solid, durable and stylish, the Lindo red ABS hard case is striking to look at from all angles. On the outside, you will find a tactile easy-clean glossy red finish. On the inside you will find a creamy soft interior to give your guitar a fluffy home, sheltered from the elements.

This boldly coloured case can really enhance the look of your natural wood or colour finished guitar when in situ. It has moulded feet on the back as well as metal feet on the side, which ensure your case is off the ground. The aluminium trim around the case gives it that high-end look as well as offering structural integrity to the design. The chrome-plated die-cast catches offer long-lasting features to reinforce the construction and keep the case securely closed.

Ideal for Travel

Lightweight construction of less than 4KG will not feel too heavy to carry. Plus the brown faux leather cushioned handle feels very comfortable to use. This case has a lockable catch so you know that your treasured guitar cannot be used and abused when you’re not around! Ideal for the gigging musician, it can be put on as cargo in a plane, bus cargo or the boot of the car. In all situations the Lindo red ABS case will keep your guitar clean and dry and withstand a fairly large impact.

Internal Features

Inside you will find a flip-up pocket with enough room to store a pedal, strap, lead, tuner and all the other essentials. This is cleverly hidden and acts as the neck support for the guitar too. The case features a deep headstock compartment with ample room for the headstock, regardless of rake angle. It also provides some further space for accessory storage. In the body compartment you will find a 30 mm surround of padding and recessed areas to accommodate the bridge and neck.


Lower Bout Width: 41 cm inside of padding

Upper Bout Width: 31 cm inside of padding

Internal Depth (including top space): 13.5 cm

Internal Length: 109 cm / 43 inches (including recess for strap button)