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Lindo Birchwood Cajon Drum Adjustable V-Snare – Made in Spain

(53 customer reviews)

Developed in-house at Lindo and produced by traditional Cajon makers in Granada, Spain – the birthplace of the cajon and where the best drums are made!

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The Lindo Cajon Drum – Made in Spain by skilled artisans

The Lindo Cajon can be played with a very light touch. You will hear with bright trebles and a powerful bass response. The cajon has a guitar string snare in a double V shape, which is easily adjustable without the need for tools – just use a coin! The Lindo cajon is finished with rounded edges, so as a result looks really smart. These also give the drum a very tactile quality. The drum is suitable for beginners, experienced and professional players.

The Lindo Cajon utilises Birchwood and Platanus Hispanica (London Plane), which is a native Spanish wood. The face, or tapa, of the cajon is made from birchwood. It has a bright appearance and provides a very responsive and snappy sound. Platanas Hispanica makes up the main body of the cajon. The Platanas Hispanica provides the deep and punchy bass tones and is a pleasing contrast with the light face of the Birch. On the back of the cajon we have the soundhole. Take a take a look inside to find four wound guitar strings. These strings form the v-shape snare which is heard when hitting the top part of the face of the cajon. They are extremely effective and pleasing to hear and can be adjusted with two screws on the underside of the cajon.

Tone and Technique

There is an array of tones which you can achieve when applying certain techniques to the face of the Lindo cajon. When playing the top part of the cajon, this produces the rattle effect of the snare drum. In order to emulate the low-end bass tone of a kick drum, use the palm of the hand, striking further down the face of the drum. Strike the sides of the cajon and you’ll achieve a different tone altogether akin to a tom drum. Use the fingertips for effective drum rolls, flurries and ghost notes. See the Lindo demo video to explore all the features of this cajon and see a full play through demo to hear what it sounds like. Like a drum kit in a box, so is brilliant for jamming with friends. Helps the player to keep time and great for practising drum patterns and beats.

Product Highlights

  • Platanus hispanica body with a birchwood playing surface; this combination of woods makes for powerful bass and bright treble.
  • Adjustable, internal v-shape snare gives the player the option to increase or decrease the amount of rattle in the snare
  • Like a drum kit in a box! Therefore, brilliant for jamming with friends. Helps you keep time and great for practising drum patterns and beats!
  • Great for travelling and fits into most aeroplane overhead storage!
  • Made in Spain


53 reviews for Lindo Birchwood Cajon Drum Adjustable V-Snare – Made in Spain

  1. Patrick G

    Purchased this for our Son – he loves it! It’s a great sounding, sturdy product. Only problem is the bag – it’s too flimsy. But the quality of the product overcomes this minor complaint.

  2. Jason

    New to Cajons but tried a few out in the west end, around charing cross road that didn’t sound great and were expensive. Got this Cajon and have taken to it like a duck to water, the sound and feel are great. Would recommend, great with the gig bag and comfy cushion.

  3. Mrs D E Sisk

    Bought this for my teenage son and he loves it. His drum teacher was also very impressed with the quality for the price paid. Very well made, the combination of the woods used produces a good tone and bass. Easy to adjust snare to how you like it. Would highly recommend this seller. Arrived quickly and well packed.

  4. Martin P

    Just received this and really knocked out by the sound – noticeably bigger and better than my more expensive schlagwerk peru cajon, with clearer bass/treble differentiation. Looks very well made too. There has been a problem with the case, but Lindo rang me about this, and it is being sorted. Very pleased!

  5. Noiseboy

    Bought the Cajon and thought it would be a good starter for me and yes it was and still is. I use this for small gigs and the sound is enormous ,mic’s well beware low end boom if using a mic. I have a hand made Cajon by Lion and was going to sell this one but it plays so easily probably not. Point of interest these are hand made in Spain by a company who make them for schools do not let that put you off.

  6. D. Curley

    This Cajon is well constructed, sounds good and is great value, I am only just learning to play but it’s fun and easy to match in with other instruments.

  7. Andrew Paul Cross

    I’m new to this type of percussion; this product looks good, sounds good, feels good, is well made, arrived in a couple of days, was a fair price and I love it!

  8. Mr. Keith White

    Awesome piece of kit.lovely deep sound. Thanks so much. Recommend this item to anyone. Just bought a mic to go with it so now it is complete.

  9. speedy

    Delivered quickly, well protected. Carry case very useful. The Cajon is brilliant, great acoustic drum sounds. Band members very impressed. Works really well in an acoustic set up. Good price. No faults.

  10. nelly

    First of all before i complain my ass off this Cajon is pretty good for the price and the free bag and the sound it makes. its a great all in one package for just over £100.. Now I’ve had it 3 months and would still recommend it, it has just snapped a string today but i have a 12 month warranty on it but to send it to Spain to get it replaced is way to much effort so I am just going to open it up and stick a guitar string on there.. wish me luck. The bag the Cajon came with broke after a few weeks but it was a nice bag and came free, you get what you pay for. the sound of the Cajon really is what i love here and want to right the review its a really nice bass sound with a strong snare slap you can get great tone out of it and it feels great the woods and gigging with it is no worry. Not too bad.. would love to know what other things i can do with this Cajon.

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