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Lindo Birchwood Cajon Drum Adjustable V-Snare – Made in Spain

(53 customer reviews)

Developed in-house at Lindo and produced by traditional Cajon makers in Granada, Spain – the birthplace of the cajon and where the best drums are made!

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The Lindo Cajon Drum – Made in Spain by skilled artisans

The Lindo Cajon can be played with a very light touch. You will hear with bright trebles and a powerful bass response. The cajon has a guitar string snare in a double V shape, which is easily adjustable without the need for tools – just use a coin! The Lindo cajon is finished with rounded edges, so as a result looks really smart. These also give the drum a very tactile quality. The drum is suitable for beginners, experienced and professional players.

The Lindo Cajon utilises Birchwood and Platanus Hispanica (London Plane), which is a native Spanish wood. The face, or tapa, of the cajon is made from birchwood. It has a bright appearance and provides a very responsive and snappy sound. Platanas Hispanica makes up the main body of the cajon. The Platanas Hispanica provides the deep and punchy bass tones and is a pleasing contrast with the light face of the Birch. On the back of the cajon we have the soundhole. Take a take a look inside to find four wound guitar strings. These strings form the v-shape snare which is heard when hitting the top part of the face of the cajon. They are extremely effective and pleasing to hear and can be adjusted with two screws on the underside of the cajon.

Tone and Technique

There is an array of tones which you can achieve when applying certain techniques to the face of the Lindo cajon. When playing the top part of the cajon, this produces the rattle effect of the snare drum. In order to emulate the low-end bass tone of a kick drum, use the palm of the hand, striking further down the face of the drum. Strike the sides of the cajon and you’ll achieve a different tone altogether akin to a tom drum. Use the fingertips for effective drum rolls, flurries and ghost notes. See the Lindo demo video to explore all the features of this cajon and see a full play through demo to hear what it sounds like. Like a drum kit in a box, so is brilliant for jamming with friends. Helps the player to keep time and great for practising drum patterns and beats.

Product Highlights

  • Platanus hispanica body with a birchwood playing surface; this combination of woods makes for powerful bass and bright treble.
  • Adjustable, internal v-shape snare gives the player the option to increase or decrease the amount of rattle in the snare
  • Like a drum kit in a box! Therefore, brilliant for jamming with friends. Helps you keep time and great for practising drum patterns and beats!
  • Great for travelling and fits into most aeroplane overhead storage!
  • Made in Spain


53 reviews for Lindo Birchwood Cajon Drum Adjustable V-Snare – Made in Spain

  1. Clare Connor


  2. Matthew Rogers

    Very good.

  3. Jeanette Broadhurst

    This was a Christmas present for my husband and he loves it so light to carry and with the case it is easy to use, thats if your a drummer.

    Neat and compact and easy to store.

  4. Sue Taylor-Shaw

    I’m gigging up to 3/4 times a month with this Cajon. The design and tone is great, giving a full, big sound when miked up. Really pleased with it, a superb all round bit of kit. I didn’t get a kit bag with mine….perhaps they don’t do them anymore.

  5. Diabhal

    Play steadily, Nice tone, wanting to Mic it to get full effect for Live performance.

  6. Mrs M Tennant

    Great Cajon nice tone, gig bag very sturdy,non slip “seat” cushion a nice touch, small amount of damage in transport VERY rapidly addressed by Lindo, A1 service thank you only downside is lack of a manual but pretty straightforward really.

  7. Derek Horan

    Don’t look any further this is the best box ever Superb.well made great bass and snare nice bag is a bonus highly recommended.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Very pleased. Product was delivered promptly and very pleased with quality. Included bag and soft cushion for seat. Bought for son and he was pleased too!

  9. Simon Morgan

    I bought this for my wife for Xmas, it is great and gets a lot of use (including from the children). I bought it with the Cajon: A box full of Rhythm book, which makes a good combo. The Cajon looks really good and makes a great sound.

  10. C Lee

    Bought as a Christmas present, so couldn’t review until recipient opened it and tried it… Lovely sound and good snare – didn’t come with a bag as stated, but didn’t know that till Christmas day and anyway the drum’s the thing and it’s very good.

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