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6 x Lindo Eco Plectrums | Recycled ABS Picks | 0.58, 0.71, 0.81, 0.96, 1.2, 1.5 mm | Random Colours

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6 x Lindo Eco Plectrums – Environmentally-friendly recycled plectrums for acoustic and electric guitars. Mixed gauges from 0.58 – 1.5 mm | Random Colours

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Lindo Eco Plectrums – Environmentally-friendly recycled picks for acoustic and electric guitars.

Lindo Eco Plectrums are some of the world’s first recycled picks available in the market. They are in-line with Lindo’s beliefs to reduce our global impact on the environment. Specifically, removing as much plastic packaging as possible or doing away with it altogether. Furthermore, only using materials of a recycled or recyclable nature is Lindo’s number 1 goal across the whole product range.

The World is Your Plectrum

With six plectrum thicknesses, you really can cover all instruments, styles and techniques. If you or someone you know plays a multitude of genres or instruments, the Lindo Eco Picks are ideal. With a thinner gauge plectrum, you can get those flowing chords and with a light touch. Medium gauges are good for combinations of chords and lead picking. The heavier gauges work well for more aggressive styles, accuracy and pick attack.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

The Lindo Eco Plectrums are made using a recycled ABS plastic. This means they consist of material which existed as another product in a previous life. Instead of creating more plastic, we have used existing material which was already in circulation. This reduces several steps in the production process and therefore requires less energy. As well as energy reduction, carbon emissions are in-turn reduced. Lastly, it is a material which can be recycled itself again which means it never needs to reach landfill.

One product at a time, we can all be part of the sustainable lifestyle revolution. Here at Lindo Guitars, we see the bigger picture. Therefore, we hope some of our eco-friendly ideas can make a difference for all.

Product Highlights

– 6 x beautifully made recycled ABS plectrums for the ultimate feel-good factor!
– Random colours (we recommend ordering multiple sets to get the best selection of colours)
– 1 x 0.58 mm, 1 x 0.71 mm, 1 x 0.81 mm, 1 x 0.96 mm, 1 x 1.2 mm, 1 x 1.5 mm
– Great look and feel
– Plastic-free packaging!



2 reviews for 6 x Lindo Eco Plectrums | Recycled ABS Picks | 0.58, 0.71, 0.81, 0.96, 1.2, 1.5 mm | Random Colours

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