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Lindo Left Handed Black Alien Acoustic Guitar and Gig Bag

(4 customer reviews)

From original artwork created in-house, this Lindo left handed black Alien series of acoustic guitars was developed from concept to manufacture with beginner players in mind.

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Tonewoods and Features

Linden (basswood) makes up the Lindo Alien sides, back and soundboard. Even with a slightly more compact body size – this guitar produces an excellent tone. The cutaway in the body helps to create a lighter overall weight. And also provides access to the higher frets. The fretboard and ‘easy-string’ bridge are walnut which gives this guitar a very natural, warm sound.

The slim c-shape catalpa neck is easy to play and in combination with the brightness of the linden, it sounds great for both fingerstyle and strumming styles. The Lindo Alien is ideal for those just beginning their guitar learning journey. But it also appeals to those with more experience looking for a little eye-catcher that’s great for a daily strum.


  • Unique acoustic guitar concept created by Lindo Guitars in Bristol, U.K.
  • Quality and price point is ideal for beginners to intermediates.
  • 39” overall length, slim neck design, reliable die-cast tuning pegs and easy string-through bridge.
  • 12-month warranty and specialist customer support to provide beginners with tips and advice: – Tel: 01173009806.
  • Securely packed for express delivery and includes a Lindo branded soft carry case with carry straps and zip pocket for accessories.
Machine HeadsBlack die-cast
Truss RodTwo way
StringsSteel (light gauge)
Body Depth100mm
Scale Length25.5″
Nut Width43mm
Top MaterialLinden Wood
Side MaterialLinden Wood
Back MaterialLinden Wood
Fretboard and BridgeWalnut
Inlay MaterialABS
Binding MaterialABS
AccessoriesGig bag and Allen key


4 reviews for Lindo Left Handed Black Alien Acoustic Guitar and Gig Bag

  1. Natalie Grinter

    Love this guitar, very eye catching indeed.
    Sound quality is fantastic and it’s very comfortable

  2. Review

    Great guitar, would definitely recommend

  3. Mike Rowland

    First of all as us left hander’s know a good quality left hand guitar for reasonable price is a lot harder to find then right hand, even so over the years left hand guitars have become more available they are still limited and dearer then right hand guitars. This is my fourth left hand guitar since changing from right hand as for years I played right handed even so I am left handed, my first two left hand guitars where cheap guitars the same price I probably paid for some good right hand guitars, until now I was losing interest in playing.

    I thought I would go for a Yamaha as my brother got one for £180 but left handed Yamaha guitars arrange arrange over £500 I just haven’t got that sort of money for a guitar, a few month earlier I brought the Lindo infinity a lovely smooth sounding guitar both acoustically and plugged into a amplifier. The only thing missing from the infinity is the full body sound of an acoustic guitar and this is why I went for this one as even so the infinity sounds great it lacked full body sound, don’t get me wrong I love the sound of the infinity it is lovely smooth playing.

    I got this because it as the full bodied sound and is a lovely guitar and at a very reasonable affordable price the good thing about Lindo they make the same quality left hand guitar as the right handed guitar for little more money not a lot more money making us left hander’s as we are being fairly treat, when guitar companies charge £100s more. Even so there isn’t the same options as the right hand guitars they offer a great product and I love both he infinity and this guitar they have inspired my playing a lot, revived my interest as I was about to give up. You can get cheaper left hand guitars but like I found out the quality and sound is very poor, to me Lindo offer great quality and sounding guitars in my opinion no better worst the Yamaha for great value and would certainly recommend their guitars which I play for hours.

  4. Amazonian

    Made an excellent ornament for my brother in law. (Hes never going to learn to play guitar, but likes the pattern on it)

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