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Lindo Left Handed Dandelion Pink Electro Acoustic Guitar BS5M Blend Preamp Padded Gig Bag

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Designed in Bristol, U.K, by Lindo Guitars – the Lindo Dandelion explores the concept of the beautiful occurrences in nature living in harmony together.

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Lindo Left-Handed Dandelion – Designed in the U.K by Lindo Guitars

Designed in Bristol, U.K, by Lindo Guitars – the Lindo Dandelion is a unique special edition and limited production run of slim body guitars. Taking inspiration from the natural world, this beautiful guitar features delicate fretboard inlays and a “pink sand” inspired finish.

Slim body design

With a slim body depth of 75~80 mm and a modern cutaway body shape, the Lindo Dandelion offers the ultimate ergonomic guitar for player comfort.

bespoke tonewoods

The ultra stylish pink flame maple veneer works beautifully with the natural koa back and sides. The mahogany neck compliments the maple wood body binding. The tone from this guitar is both warm and bright.

Premium Hardware

The Lindo Dandelion is equipped with smooth-action 1:19 ratio geared Wilkinson machine heads which are finished in chrome. These premium tuners feel great to use and will ensure your guitar holds its tune really well.

Materials of Nature

This stunning guitar has genuine abalone seashell body and headstock purfling with an abalone soundhole rosette. It also has maple-wood binding which features on the body, headstock and fretboard.

BS5M Preamplifier with Audio Blend

The BS5M preamplifier with piezo/mic blend system gives you the option to blend the sound from the under-saddle pickup with the sound from the microphone. The microphone is situated inside the guitar body and the piezo under the bridge saddle. This dual function is perfect for a slimmer body guitar with a cutaway. The internal microphone enhances all the low-end warmth, whilst you can retain the clarity of notes and introduce more treble with an increased mix of the piezo.

Control and Equalise

The preamp also has a 5-band EQ which means you have slider controls at your fingertips. Your EQ includes bass, low middle, high middle, treble and presence. There is a master volume to control the guitar’s overall output when connected to an amplifier or PA. The added notch filter control allows you to cut frequencies within a range of 100-500 Hz.

DUAL Jack and XLR Outputs

There is also the feature of the dual output using either a jack lead or balanced XLR. Plugging into an amplifier, mixing desk or an audio interface has never been easier. Ideal for gigs and high-quality home recording.

Chromatic Tuner and LCD

The tuner is chromatic and is displayed on a backlit LCD with LED illumination for all controls. So as well as being able to easily shape your sound, you can check the guitars tuning wherever you are and in any lighting conditions.

Don’t Be Phased

The ‘phase’ button is exceptionally handy, as it can help to reduce feedback by synchronising the guitar’s sound wave with the amplifier’s sound wave. Often, the natural sound wave produced by the acoustic guitar can be out of phase with that of the amplifier. You will hear the difference because an ‘out of phase’ tone will sound tinny and unbalanced. Where as an ‘in phase’ tone will be fuller and warmer.

Colour Pink
Preamp ACME BS5M
Pick-up Piezoelectric and microphone
Machine Heads Wilkinson 1:19 chrome finish
Truss Rod Two way
Frets 21
Strings Steel (light gauge)
Size 41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth 80mm
Scale Length 25.5″
Nut Width 43mm
Top Material Flame maple
Side Material Koa
Back Material Koa
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material Mother of Pearl
Binding Material Maple wood
Nut Bone
Accessories Gig bag and Allen key


1 review for Lindo Left Handed Dandelion Pink Electro Acoustic Guitar BS5M Blend Preamp Padded Gig Bag

  1. Mark Mckaig

    I must confess, I hesitated before buying this guitar. I wanted a thinline acoustic I could also plug in on occasion and have been saving to buy a Gibson. I saw this guitar more by accident while browsing Amazon. Short version – I bought it , and even as it was on route, wondered if I should have held off for something “More expensive”. I now need to thank Lindo for saving me a big chunk of money! The guitar looks superb – gives the impression of a nice, expensive, well made guitar (it is well made) . It plays beautifully , sounds good plugged or unplugged. For sure, a big jumbo guitar may be louder, but that was not what I wanted, and it’s perfectly loud enough (unplugged) for what I wanted. It’s not exactly a “Cheap” guitar, but it would easily hold it’s head high in company of MUCH more expensive offerings from rivals. Top job from Lindo. As I said , not the cheapest available if you just want to pay as little as possible, but in terms of the looks , quality and playability, a cheap guitar for what you get.

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