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Lindo PDB 5-String Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

(4 customer reviews)

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB Series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.

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The Lindo PDB 5-string series of electric bass guitars is gaining popularity among musicians of all skill levels, thanks to its versatile nature, quality of tone, and unique design. This option adds an additional low B string, extending the range considerably beyond that of a 4-string bass. With this added string, players can now reach even lower registers of notes below the standard low E, expanding your musical possibilities. The 5-string bass is commonly used in modern music genres such as jazz, blues, reggae, fusion, rock, metal, and progressive styles.



The Lindo PDB 5-string electric bass guitar features a basswood body with beautifully rounded edges for both style and comfort. Its solid walnut fretboard, coupled with the 3-piece maple/walnut/maple neck, produces excellent tones across the bass, treble, and mids. This super-solid neck construction not only looks amazing but also provides a bright tone with a tight low-end, ensuring focused sound even when playing at high volumes. Despite its lightweight body, the Lindo PDB 5-string offers remarkable sustain and tonal balance. With one tone dial and one volume, it’s simple to use, while its pickups work together to produce a huge full tone that’s perfect for any musical genre. The fretboard features ‘fly-away’ dove inlays, providing a sense of freedom and expression. The contrast of pearly white against the solid walnut looks incredible, while the unique bursts of purple on the body and headstock add heaps of character to this bass guitar. With its shiny chrome tuning pegs and bridge, it’s an eye-catching piece of design that will turn heads on any stage.


The Lindo PDB 5 features a body-matched headstock that gives the instrument a cohesive look and vibe. The walnut fretboard is adorned with beautiful ‘fly-away’ dove inlays that provide a sense of freedom and expression to the player. The headstock boasts chrome 19:1 tuning pegs perfectly matching the chrome bridge, providing a sleek and polished appearance. These tuners are not only easy to use but also solid and stable, giving the player maximum confidence that the bass is in tune and ready to play without any worry.



The Lindo PDB comes with a protective case that is designed with the environment in mind. This case is made using recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for musicians who want to reduce their environmental impact. The soft/hard case offers reliable protection for the instrument, ensuring that it remains safe during transportation. By choosing a case made with recycled materials, you can show your commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. The Lindo case is a smart choice for conscientious musicians who care about the future of our planet.


full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.


Colour Purple
Pickups Lindo Bass Humbuckers
Bridge Fixed with adjustable saddles
Machine Heads Alloy with chrome finish
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 24
Strings Steel (Medium gauge)
Size Full Size
Body Depth 40mm
Scale Length 34″
Nut ABS (45mm)
Body Material Basswood
Neck Material Maple/Walnut/Maple
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Accessories Rigid foam hard case with moulded plush interior (Grey)



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    Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

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4 reviews for Lindo PDB 5-String Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

  1. PipMarie

    Beautiful sound quality with stunning colours

    I received this as a gift after I’d said that I loved the look of it and really wanted a 5 string electric. I already have a 4 string electric and a 4 string electroacoustic bass.
    It’s a beautiful instrument and I would guess at a much higher price for the quality of the bass. It sounds awesome and it’s a genuine pleasure to play. The fretboard is easy to navigate and not too wide.
    I would absolutely recommend this bass to anyone looking for a 5 string.

  2. Nathan

    Excellent quality bass from Lindo. Super light and feels great to play, and the tone is fantastic. Delivery was also very quick & I would highly recommend to any musician.

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  4. David W Swan (Reverb)

    5 Stars.

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