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Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

(82 customer reviews)

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB Series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.



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The Lindo PDB electric bass series has been garnering increasing popularity among musicians of all levels. Its unique design and concept, along with its exceptional tonal quality and versatility, have made it a preferred choice for players looking for an instrument that stands out from the crowd. The Lindo PDB electric bass guitar series offers a range of features that make it a reliable and sturdy instrument that produces a rich, distinctive sound. Its design is not only eye-catching but also ergonomic, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of use for musicians during performances. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Lindo PDB series is a great investment that will take your music to the next level.



The Lindo PDB boasts a basswood body with smooth, rounded edges for both comfort and style. The solid walnut fretboard and maple neck produce an exceptional range of tones across the bass, treble, and mid frequencies. This well-balanced electric bass guitar features a lightweight body that provides excellent sustain and is simple to use with just one tone dial and one volume knob.

The double-cutaway design allows for easy access to higher frets, while the slim c-shaped neck allows for fast playing. The PDB series features high-output pickups based on the classic ‘p-bass’ design and a die-cast chrome adjustable bridge with individual saddle pieces for full intonation and height adjustment.

With its low action and matching chrome knobs for tone and volume adjustment, the Lindo PDB electric bass guitar is suitable for a wide range of genres, including pop, jazz, rock, and heavy metal.


The Lindo PDB features a body-matched headstock that gives the instrument a cohesive look and vibe. The walnut fretboard is adorned with beautiful ‘fly-away’ dove inlays that provide a sense of freedom and expression to the player. The headstock boasts chrome 19:1 tuning pegs perfectly matching the chrome bridge, providing a sleek and polished appearance. These tuners are not only easy to use but also solid and stable, giving the player maximum confidence that the bass is in tune and ready to play without any worry.



The Lindo PDB comes with a protective case that is designed with the environment in mind. This case is made using recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for musicians who want to reduce their environmental impact. The soft/hard case offers reliable protection for the instrument, ensuring that it remains safe during transportation. By choosing a case made with recycled materials, you can show your commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. The Lindo case is a smart choice for conscientious musicians who care about the future of our planet.


full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.


Colour Purple
Pickups Lindo Split-coil P Hum-cancelling
Bridge Fixed
Machine Heads Alloy with chrome finish
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 22
Strings Steel (Medium gauge)
Size Full Size
Body Depth 40mm
Scale Length 34″
Nut Width 42mm
Body Material Basswood
Neck Material Maple
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material N/A
Accessories Hard Case



  • Lindo-PDB-5-String-Purple-Dove-Electric-Bass-Guitar

    Lindo PDB 5-String Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

    £399.99 inc. VAT


82 reviews for Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

  1. lep

    Received this bass this morning and have just been putting it through its paces. I purchased the Lindo Jazz bass in March, and although I’m very pleased with it the Dove Bass far, far surpasses it!! The Dove is beautiful to look at, ‘typically female!!!’. For me it is the best bass guitar I have ever played. I’m wheelchair bound, but play sitting on the sofa with my legs on the wheelchair. Weight-wise the dove is well balanced, not neck heavy or body heavy. It tuned within seconds. The sound quality is excellent.

    Thank you ‘Captain Cowchucker’ for your review, I found it very helpful. I do agree with the cable jack socket being at the bottom of the guitar is a pain. Like you I use the Vox amp. I haven’t tried the latter yet, just gone through the main amp. I put the dove through its paces to ‘Candy’, lovely!! Thanks Lindo!

  2. ziggybass

    Although its not this model. I have this body with 2 X Humbucker pick ups.

    For the money it is amazing. I have friends with fenders, Ibanez, and MM Stingrays that want to buy my cheap Lindo from mne. It sounds so good! I’m not selling!

    This bass will take you to the big time if you care for it. Choose your strings carefully. You’ll have to try a few brands of strings that suite your music and THINK also your touch to! Try the cheap strings on this bass first, till you get past the blisters. If like me you like a Fat round whomp jazzy, soul, blues try Dunlops. I’ll stop here. If you want more advice check out Bass Mentality on Google:
    Lastly you are never going to sound like your fav, band because they have big cabinet multi stack amps and techies tweeking the sound. Basicaly with bass, the bigger the speaker/cabinet the fuller the sound. Good Luck

  3. Captain Cowchucker

    I didn’t plan to learn the bass; it was more a matter of necessity. I am a member of a jamming group and unfortunately there were far too many lead guitarists. Rather than persist with my much loved Fender Stratocaster I decided to undertake a new challenge. (I make it sound so noble, don’t I? It was more of a case of ‘Oh alright, I’ll play bass’.) Initially I borrowed a Fender Precision bass to see if I could get on with the instrument. To my unexpected joy I found it almost easy and certainly more instantly satisfying and gratifying than playing the guitar. Perhaps I am more a natural bassist than guitarist.

    I quickly realised that I needed my own instrument so on the spur of the moment I bought the Lindo PDB, thinking I would upgrade if I decided to stick with the bass. It is a nice colour (I like purple, okay?), distinctive (almost unusual?) looking and I liked the idea of a gigging bass – something lightweight, certainly less heavy than the dreadnought I had been playing. I did wonder whether I had made a mistake by buying an instrument without trying it first (foolish, I know). In the end it didn’t matter; for its price the Lindo PDB was worth every penny.

    1) It is a full sized instrument, yet it feels and handles like a guitar. It weighs about 3kg – about the same as my Fender Stratocaster. This makes it light enough to play for extended periods without causing backache. I would still recommend buying a decent padded strap though, for extra comfort.
    2) When played clean it has a lovely rich sound, especially now that the strings have lost their initial metallic buzziness. The provided strings are possibly a bit light for the experienced player and they certainly won’t provide those deep, fuzzy distorted bass sounds required for metal and hard rock. With the right strings and effects pedal these sounds are possible. Admittedly the distorted sounds are not as convincing or full bodied as those from the Fender Precision but they are certainly acceptable.
    3) I’m more a ‘deep guitarist’ than a bassist; I echo the riff, improvise around the root, counterpoint the melody and so on. I needed an instrument that would allow me to do this. The string action on the Lindo PDB is so comfortable that I occasionally forget I’m playing the bass. It is therefore ideal for erstwhile guitarists like myself. It is a good beginner’s bass.
    4) When played through a decent amp it sounds much, much better than you would expect for a sub-£200 bass. It also sounds pretty good when played through headphones via a Vox Amplug or a multi-effects unit.

    1) Whoever decided to put the cable connection on the bottom of the instrument needs a stern talking to. You need to lift the instrument up to find it. Also, when using a Vox Amplug it is too easy to accidentally knock out the headphone cable or the 3.5mm jack cable to the MP3 player. Playing with the instrument sitting down is a little awkward since the cable connection is in the way.
    2) You’ll either love the doves on the fretboard or hate them.
    3) The finish on the fret edges isn’t as smooth as I would like. Not exactly sharp but perhaps a bit too angular for comfort.
    4) The finish on the back of the neck isn’t as polished as I would like either.
    5) It can sound a bit muddy above the twelfth fret when played clean, especially on the D and A strings.
    6) The string action was a little high for me initially. This is adjustable using the provided Allen key.
    7) There is still a slight buzziness when palm muting the bottom two strings. I am not sure if this the bass, the strings, my relative inexperience or a combination of all three. This isn’t enough to ruin the general sound of the instrument.

    At the moment I’m not interested in popping or slapping, so I can’t comment on the instrument’s suitability for these techniques.


    I would recommend this instrument to anyone thinking of trying the bass, or someone needing a backup instrument for gigging. You certainly get value for money and it provides an enjoyable playing experience.

  4. Xpo

    Great guitar, for the price. Not overly heavy as some basses are good action minimal adjustment needed from the box.

  5. Mr J Humberstone

    I spend half my time living in Greece now and did not want to take my main guitar, a Dean special, backwards and forwards with me but I needed something to practice with. I must say I was not expecting much at the sort of price I wanted to pay but something was OK for I what I needed. I looked around Amazon and found this bass. I was initially surprised that it would be delivered to Greece and with only £8 or so P&P. More surprises to come when it arrived though.

    This guitar is wonderful value for money. It plays beautifully and the sound is rich and crisp with no extraneous noises to sort out. The action is good across the whole length of the fret board and after a couple of days to let the string settle down, I am now enjoying every minute I play with it.

    It looks good and I will miss it greatly when I go back to the UK at the end of the month but lovely to know it will be here when I get back.

  6. Mr M.

    I got this bass as a black Friday deal for £130, so £60 less than the usual asking price. I’d been looking for a budget bass around the £180 mark so jumped at the chance when I spotted the deal.

    It arrived on time and well packaged. As soon as I got it unpacked though I noticed a smudge of what looks like black glue between the pickups. Kind of took the shine off the bargain for me.
    Then i noticed the metal plate of the insert jack protrudes noticeably from the wooden body of the guitar. Only a couple of mill but you can see daylight through it !

    I have to say aside from that it looked and sounded great, easily playable all over the fret board even for a lowly guitarist with no noticeable buzzing apart from that caused by my poor playing.

    It stays in tune well even after a fair bit of use but I have chipped the finish on The headstock. It seems to overlap the wooden edge slightly so what I would regard as a minor dunt took off more than expected.

    To summarise, if I’d paid full price for this I’d probably have returned it for the glue/resin/plastic smudge alone and bought an equivalently priced Yamaha. That’s based on my experience with a 20 year old pacifica which seems to be indestructible.

  7. Individual 2728D

    All I wanted was a decent entry level bass to give it a go. Let’s be honest, I know nothing about guitars other than I have wanted to play bass guitar for years. So I’m not the person to ask about the ‘action’ on this guitar as I have no idea what that means (if it means anything at all).

    However, I DO know that this guitar looks lovely (the colour is a very ‘deep purple’) and sounds great.

    Having no idea how to play I bought a copy of Rocksmith for my PC and am learning to play with that. While I am unlikely to be on stage at Wembley this year, I am enjoying it VERY much!

    If you have always wanted to play give it a go – and this bass from Lindo will do you just fine.

  8. Miss J Ramsay

    I am really pleased with my new bass, it sounds and looks great. Adjusting the action was so easy and sorted any rattles. Someone from Lindo called to say it was on its way which i thought was great customer service. Overall very happy with purchase.

  9. frwilkinson

    I bought this bass to teach myself on and it is perfect for me. It has a small frame which makes it easier to play and its a great colour too!
    I would recommend this to first time bassists!

  10. Su Danim

    As another reviewer said, the action on the fretboard is excellent , with the strings nicely placed. I wanted a decent bass on a budget. My main criteria oddly was aesthetics as I admire guitars as works of art and I like displaying them as much as I like playing them. However I also wanted a quality sounding instrument and this bass definitely ticks all the boxes. The cable and case are pretty basic and the case is not padded but I expected that at the price paid and I always planned to upgrade these anyway. Very happy with this purchase and I look forward to experimenting with it over coming months.

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