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Lindo WST Clip-On Digital Guitar Tuner with LCD

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The WST-650LD clip-on tuner is the latest innovation from Lindo Guitars and provides a simple solution for tuning your electric, acoustic and bass guitar.

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Single-handed operation
The thumb and finger operation of this ergonomically-shaped clip makes attaching and releasing the tuner from your instrument easy and with minimal fuss. Even with slightly moist hands, the raised grip helps to ensure you get a firm hold when clipping the tuner on and off. With the perfect amount of spring tension to stay firmly where you attach it, the sprung clip of the tuner feels really comfortable to use and can be operated with one hand.

Adjustable and durable
The inside of the clip is rubberised so will not cause any damage when put on or pulled off your instrument. The screen arm can swivel 360° and has front and back tilt up to 180° so you can adjust the tuner to your preferred viewing angle. The injection-moulded shell has been designed to provide durability throughout the design and even the screen has been sunken back slightly into the unit so that it is less likely to be scratched.

Microphone or Piezo
Versatile in nature, the WST-650LD has the option of a microphone or piezo sensor for tuning your instrument which means it can be clipped on or used in a more ambient sense to pick up the sound of the guitar as a microphone would.

Flat/Mode and Pitch
Using the Pitch button will allow the user to adjust the tuning pitch in single increments (1Hz) or with a slightly longer press will adjust the tuning pitch in increments of 10Hz. Overall the range is from 410Hz-490Hz which means you can tune to concert pitch or a pitch of your choosing.
The Flat/Mode button enables selection between the instrument you are tuning as well flat modes for drop-tuning up to 5 semitones.

Great for low lighting conditions and performing on stage, the WST-650LD is backlit so you can always see the information displayed wherever you are. The tuner displays a pleasing orange colour in standby or when flat or sharp but lights up in green to tell you your instrument is perfectly in tune. The note, string number, cents scale and digital needle indicator is displayed in contrast to the background of the LCD and all are incredibly accurate and responsive to ensure you achieve perfect pitch every time.
To prolong the battery life, the in-built economy setting means that the tuner will automatically power off after a period of inactivity.

How and why it works
Sensitive receptors in the WST-650LD circuitry detect string vibrations and frequencies transferred through the instrument when a string is plucked. The unit can identify the particular string/note easily because it is not picking up ambient noise around it – this is particularly useful in a band environment where are other musicians maybe playing guitar or drums whilst you are trying to tune.

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