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Lindo Black Fire SE Electro Acoustic Guitar with BS5M Blend Preamp

(9 customer reviews)

Designed in Bristol, U.K, by Lindo Guitars – the Lindo Black Fire SE pushes this successful range of guitars even further with some exquisite features.

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Lindo Black Fire SE – Designed in the U.K by Lindo Guitars

The Lindo Black Fire SE (Special Edition) pushes this successful range of guitars even further. Featuring a black walnut finish, addition of locking tuners and a high-quality piezoelectric/microphone blend preamplifier system. At the headstock you’ll find a special laser-cut metal Lindo logo and metal fire decal. The trademark eye-catching ‘fire’ inlays are across the fretboard mark the key fret positions which, from end to end, culminate at the 12th fret with the meeting of the flames.

Features and Benefits

The Auditorium shaped body with Venetian cutaway looks stunning and also provides easy access to all 21 frets. The satin black walnut finish looks and feels incredible. It also provides a pleasing contrast with the natural walnut bridge and fretboard. All in all, this pure combination of walnut is a marriage made in heaven and provides excellent tone and sustain. The black walnut neck features a maple wood inlay stripe which adds some brightness to the tone. Furthermore, complimenting the maple wood binding on the fretboard, body and headstock.

Premium Hardware

The Lindo Black Fire SE is equipped with smooth-action 1:19 ratio locking geared machine heads which are finished in chrome. The locking mechanism ensures your guitar holds its tune well by preventing string slippage. It also makes string changes quicker and easier, as they require fewer winds of the string.

BS5M Preamplifier with Audio Blend

The BS5M preamplifier with piezo/mic blend system gives you the option to blend the sound from the under-saddle pickup with the sound from the microphone. The microphone is situated inside the guitar body and the piezo under the bridge saddle. This dual function is perfect for a slimmer body guitar with a cutaway. The internal microphone enhances all the low-end warmth, whilst you can retain the clarity of notes and introduce more treble with an increased mix of the piezo.

Control and Equalise

The preamp also has a 5-band EQ which means you have slider controls at your fingertips. Your EQ includes bass, low middle, high middle, treble and presence. There is a master volume to control the guitar’s overall output when connected to an amplifier or PA. The added notch filter control allows you to cut frequencies within a range of 100-500 Hz.

Chromatic Tuner and LCD

The tuner is chromatic and is displayed on a backlit LCD with LED illumination for all controls. So as well as being able to easily shape your sound, you can check the guitars tuning wherever you are and in any lighting conditions.

DUAL Jack and XLR Outputs

There is also the feature of the dual output using either a jack lead or balanced XLR. Plugging into an amplifier, mixing desk or an audio interface has never been easier. Ideal for gigs and high-quality home recording.

Don’t Be Phased

The ‘phase’ button is exceptionally handy, as it can help to reduce feedback by synchronising the guitar’s sound wave with the amplifier’s sound wave. Often, the natural sound wave produced by the acoustic guitar can be out of phase with that of the amplifier. You will hear the difference because an ‘out of phase’ tone will sound tinny and unbalanced. Where as an ‘in phase’ tone will be fuller and warmer.

Colour Black
Preamp ACME BS-5M
Pick-up Piezoelectric and microphone
Machine Heads 1:19 locking with chrome finish
Truss Rod Two way
Frets 20
Strings Steel (light gauge)
Size 41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth 100mm
Scale Length 25.5″
Nut Width 43mm
Top Material Black walnut
Side Material Black walnut
Back Material Black walnut
Fretboard Black walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material Maple wood
Nut Bone
Accessories Padded Gigbag and Allen key


9 reviews for Lindo Black Fire SE Electro Acoustic Guitar with BS5M Blend Preamp

  1. Shot in the dark

    I had my eye on one of these guitars for quite a while now and just wasn’t sure……so I ended up phoning Lindo and asking a whole lot of questions. Couldn’t have received a better welcome and a whole host of advice and tips about getting the best from this guitar. However, the template for the review has thickness and sheerness so I’ve just given these 5 stars too though I’m not sure where they fit in, it’s a standard size electro acoustic and is quite beautifully finished. So….it looks good but let’s be honest, so do I in the right light. So what would people want to know about in a review…? Well, in terms of value for money, I can’t fault this and that’s from someone who has bought in similar range and style before. It comes with a padded carry bag and a lead, which always helps and is stunning to look at. Before anyone asks, it’s a matt finish, which it’s meant to be, but not plain in any shape or form. How does it play? Well, it sounds rich as an acoustic and I’d a capo on at the 6th fret for a new song I’m writing and it sounded great still. That explains why I wish I’d bought this sooner. When played as an electro acoustic, there’s a lot of things I like, the XLR input, the onboard tuner is always handy while the BS5M preamp and the internal mic actually make a difference, try pointing the mic at the bridge if you’re using this to record for a real nice sound (thanks for the advice, Lindo) so, at the price, I’d say I’m delighted and will get a lot of use out of it. I also meant to say it arrived early and was very securely packed. Criticisms? I don’t have any though I’d mention it’s industry standard in terms of action so could be lower if that’s something you want and it feels like the strings are 12’s that I’ll replace with 10’s but the guy at Lindo told me this and the action is certainly not hard work and the strings are a personal choice. I think that’ll do for now, count me in as a happy customer….

  2. Client d’Amazon

    It arrived in marvellous condition. Thanks to the excellent customer support service. The sound quality is fantastic. Very easy to use and the preamp is superb also. Love the new design, never seen anything like this before. I can smell the fresh oil wood and it smooth to touch too. So far everything been positive for the price tag rightfully so.

  3. Paul Russell

    Beautiful guitar, great sound

  4. Chris Gautier

    I had been been looking for a replacement for my cheap and cheerful electro acoustic roundback for quite a while before taking the plunge with the Lindo Black Fire. In comparison with my old guitar the action on the Lindo is fast and light and the sound produced is rich and vibrant with a sweet high end. I could not be happier.

    Looks wise it is stunning and the dark finish is just perfect, the quality is absolutely top notch and although the sound is full without being fat or overpowering, the guitar itself is not bulky and is easy to handle. The on-board amp can be set very effectively or very subtly and just adds value to the package.

    I researched many reviews before buying and this guitar can hold its head high even with much more expensive instruments.

    A superb job Lindo.

  5. Stephen P Tickhill

    I had hummed and harred for a while about buying one of these guitars made in Bristol. I kept reading that Yamaha were the answer etc. Firstly the guitar was extremely well packaged to prevent any damage in transit. It is a truly beautiful guitar with the inlays and Chromework perfect. I especially liked the locking tuners, very easy to use and the built in tuner was very accurate against my external tuner. The feel of the guitar is of a high quality instrument, the finish exceptional with not a single burr or blemish. The light gauge strings are a welcome bonus for a beginner and not the usual heaver louder sounding strings you get in most shops. The amp was simple to use and almost invisible when using as an acoustic being black on black.

    I am sorry I waited so long before purchasing as the reality easily lives upto the marketing and I am delighted with my new Lindo.


  6. scarfacesteveo

    My wife just recently bought me the Kingdom DDSE through Lindo Guitars and has now bought me the Lindo Black Fire SE Acoustic. This guitar is something else way beyond my expectations. What a difference it makes with the mic blend system, it sounds so pure when plugged into a Lindo acoustic amp! This guitar is very light and very well made, such a beauty. I take my hat off to Lindo Guitars ‘ You are the creator of Master Guitars’. ^^

  7. Joanne Hamilton

    beautiful sound

    great looking guitar with a glorious sound. can’t fault anything on it.

  8. Ticky

    A very attractive guitar which fits nicely for playing. Full of useful features making it very compatible with my Acoustic Guitar Amp. I would recommend this guitar.

  9. Wolfgang Petschnig

    The instrument is well to very well finished. However, I changed the strings, because they were not of good quality. I also adjusted the height of the strings to my taste. But that’s all ok with a new guitar in this price range. With the new strings the sound is now beautiful and balanced.

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