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Lindo ORG Regular Red Gloss Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag

(18 customer reviews)

The ORG Regular range is the deeper body version of the very popular ORG-SL slim electro-acoustic guitar design.

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The Lindo ORG Regular electro-acoustic is designed in Bristol, UK by Lindo Guitars. It has a range of features and benefits to appeal to all levels of players. The Lindo ORG Regular model is the deeper body version of the bestselling ORG-SL slim design. Specifications are exactly the same except for the deeper body, which produces more ‘low end’ in natural acoustic tone.


The nut is a standard 43mm but with a lovely slim c-shape neck for that slender feel. The high quality die-cast tuning pegs ensure the guitar holds its tune. And plenty of acoustic resonance from this beauty! The compensated bridge saddle provides accurate intonation across the fretboard.

The Lindo ORG Regular has many unique touches. Such as a metal Lindo logo inlay on the headstock and ‘shark tooth’ inlays on the walnut fingerboard. As well as looking stylish, the Florentine cutaway body looks slick! This body shape offers you added functionality so you can easily reach for the notes higher up the fretboard.


The TOPS-4T integrated preamp with digital tuner is ideal for home play or on the move. It also features a full EQ with bass, mid and treble for use when you connect to an amp/audio interface. The LCD is backlit which looks ultra modern. Also, you are able to read the tuner in all lighting conditions.


When you are connected to an amplifier – making those live tweaks to the sounds you create has never been easier. Bass, middle, treble and presence sliders and a master volume dial on the preamp unit are all to hand. This means you can boost levels for a lead progression or reduce treble for a rhythm section. All is possible with the Lindo ORG Regular.


The XLR socket with enhanced signal has also been integrated so that you can plug directly into external equipment. This could be your amp, PA, or recording desk whilst also being connected to your guitar amplifier. This connectivity is great for playing live, recording at home or in your professional studio.


Colour Red
Preamp TOPS-4T with 4-band EQ and built-in tuner
Pick-up Piezo-Electric
Machine Heads Alloy with Chrome finish
Truss Rod Two way
Frets 20
Strings Steel (Medium)
Size 41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth 100mm
Scale Length 25.5″
Nut Width 43mm (ABS)
Top Material Spruce (laminate)
Side Material Basswood (Linden)
Back Material Basswood
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material ABS
Nut Bone
Accessories Padded gigbag, 9v battery and Allen key.


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18 reviews for Lindo ORG Regular Red Gloss Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag

  1. Chalky

    fantastic guitar for newbie and more competent players.Sound really good whether played acoustic or through amp. Lindo answered all my questions and the quick delivery and packaging really good .
    Would recommend to anyone.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought this via the Lindo website rather than Amazon but the guitar- and the service- are the same.
    The guitar shipped very quickly and arrived well packed and not too far from being in tune.
    It looks absolutely stunning and I promise you that the photos do not do it justice at all.
    A quick check revealed everything to be as it should and the set up was great.
    Intonation was almost perfect at the 12th and after a week of settling to its new environment is close enough to spot on as to make no difference. My friend’s Taylor and Guild guitars are not as perfect at the 12th as this and they each cost several times the price!
    Acousticly, the guitar sounds very good and though you’re not likely to mistake the tone for a £2000 guitar you might mistake it for one much more expensive than it is.
    Amplified, it sounds like a piezo. Though the addition of an xlr out is genius as this allows you to plug in to a pa or mic socket and get a much louder and better sounding balanced signal. It does also have the usual guitar jack too.
    The hardware is pretty good for a guitar in this price bracket and it actually has a bone nut, although the saddle is abs plastic. The machine heads are more than adequate and hold the tune very, very well.
    There’s a few extras thrown in too. A serviceable, though obviously not padded, gig bag; a cheap but not crap cable, and some picks. There’s also a capo but while it works, it’s not very good. But these are freebies and perfectly fine to be going on with but not high quality. Unlike the guitar itself.
    All in all it’s a pretty good buy. A decent preamp in a decent budget acoustic at a price far below what you would guess from just playing it blind.
    It’s giggable, loud enough and sounds sweeter than a 180 quid axe has any right to.
    If you are on a budget but still need a good acoustic then give it a try. You probably won’t regret it.
    One last note: this is my second buy from Lindo and in my opinion they have the best customer service possible and will go way out of their way to make sure you’re happy and fix any issues ASAP.

  3. Steven Barnett

    Wow what a magnificent instrument This is pure class and sounds wonderful. Absolutely love strumming and finger picking this guitar. It is so responsive.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Amazing guitar for the price. Beautiful design as well. Comes with a spare set of strings and a decent capo. Decent electronic capabilities too! Great for a first guitar.

  5. Lolo

    The best guitar I ever had as a beginner, everyone of my friends likes the sounds of it. Very nice guitar.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Quick delivery and the guitar sounds really good for that price. A must have.

  7. Gareth Gabriel

    I fell in love with this guitar the moment I played it for the first time. I am so happy with it and have had lots of people say it has a lovely sound. Lindo even called me to let me know it was on the way and to let them know if I need anything. Thanks Lindo Guitars I am a very happy customer.

  8. Lianfei

    Express free delivery and quality product.

  9. John Ball

    My Lindo Guitar arrived when they said it would. It looks stunning, and sounds great too . The pre-amp is responsive, and the tuner is easy to use and it sounds great without the amp too . the added bonus with this buy is that it comes with a spare set of strings, a capo, plectrums, a strap and carry bag too. this is much better than a £150 guitar . I can recommend this guitar to anyone who only has a limited budget.

  10. Ian G.

    Not only is this guitar stunning to look at, the cut out allows access to higher frets and the action and slim neck make it almost feel like an electric guitar. the sound is rosy and full bodied. The tuner is sensitive and easy to use. My guitar arrived on the Friday, and i felt no worries in using it at a gig on saturday, and it didn’t disappoint. So much value for the price. Definitely would purchase again.

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