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Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

(81 customer reviews)

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB Series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.



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Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.


The Lindo PDB electric bass guitar has a basswood body. It has beautifully rounded edges for style and comfort. The fretboard is solid walnut. Both tonewoods produce excellent tones across the bass, treble and mids. The neck is maple which provides a bright tone with a tight low-end. So when you are pumping out big volumes, the sound remains focused.

The basswood body is lightweight yet provides excellent sustain. Tonally, this electric bass is very well-balanced. It is simple to use with one tone dial and one volume. The pickups work together to give you a huge full tone. Just plug and play!


The fretboard features ‘fly-away’ dove inlays which give that feeling of freedom and expression. The contrast of pearly white with the solid walnut looks incredible. The unique bursts of purple on the body and headstock gives this bass heaps of character. With the shiny chrome tuning pegs and bridge, it’s an eye-catching piece of design.


The PDB series has a lovely low action so gives the player the feeling of ease when playing. The double-cutaway allows you to reach further up the neck for more intricate bass lines. The neck is a slim c-shape for fast chops up and down the fretboard.



The pickups on the PDB Series are a high output set based on the classic ‘p-bass’ design. The adjustable bridge is die-cast chrome and has individual saddle pieces for full intonation and height adjustment. The machine heads are also die-cast with a chrome finish and provide stable and accurate tuning. There are matching chrome knobs for volume and tone adjustment which make it very easy to create great sounds you can hear across genres such as pop, jazz, rock and heavy metal.

Machine HeadsAlloy with chrome finish
Truss RodTwo-way
StringsSteel (Medium gauge)
SizeFull Size
Body Depth40mm
Scale Length34″
Nut Width42mm
Body MaterialBasswood
Neck MaterialMaple
Inlay MaterialABS
Binding MaterialN/A
AccessoriesHard Case


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    Lindo PDB 5-String Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

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    Lindo Left Handed PDB Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

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81 reviews for Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

  1. Jon

    I came across Lindo while I was looking for a top quality first Bass guitar to purchase, and the PDB caught my eye instantly with it’s stunning looks. After reading the reviews both on Amazon and several forums I was blown away and took the dive.

    I’m very happy to say that it was a very wise move! The PDB is nothing short of amazing, from the second you open the box.
    The Bass looks absolutely beautiful, and as a Heavy Metal musician, it will also look incredible onstage!
    It’s very nice and relatively lightweight, making it extremely comfortable when both sitting or standing, and also great for carrying around without discomfort.

    The action on the fretboard is tremendous, with the strings being neither too close nor too far away, so from the get go you can just start playing away. The machine heads also hold tuning very well, which is even more reassuring as I play tuned one step down, which I thought may affect their performance, but it’s not an issue at all!

    As for the tone, there’s a great amount of versatility available, from deep low tones to the “Korn Bass”, that distinct clicky style, as well as everything in between. I’d more than happily take this bass to perform any style of music, from Smooth Jazz to Scandinavian Black Metal!

    I am blown away by how top quality this product is for the price it is! I have played guitar for 10 years, and I have experimented with many basses over that time, but I am very proud to say the first bass I have bought is a Lindo PDB, and I absolutely love it!

  2. matt the bassist

    The lindo PDB bass is perfect except for one thing and that is the only thing that stopped it from getting a 5 star and that was the pick ups don’t fit snugly into the bass wood body. I have had this since august and have played from simple scales to intricate bass lines with slap and pop and the stock strings can cope rather well for an affordable and beautiful bass. Once again if it wasn’t for the pick ups being done badly I would absolutely love it. A tip for this is to change the strings to be suitable for what sort of music you play and your technique however the stock strings work fine

  3. Mx

    It looks really good, fast shipping and no problems with the bass or anything. It sounds as I expected a bass to, although I’m still a novice.
    Would recommend, given that it’s so cheap but looks awesome and sounds good. It’s nice to play, though I have small hands and short arms so it’s a bit of a stretch to reach the first frets. But a lovely instrument.

  4. Mrs A Garraway

    Lovely looking base guitar. A present for my 16 year old for passing her GCSEs – she is going on to study music. Arrived very quickly and packaged well.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Came on time with no scratches or missing parts. The volume control knob was a little loose and required fixing. Other than that a great product.

  6. twinkle toes

    I brought this bass because it was cheap but its a first class item i used to play bass 46 years ago and fancied having another go at it this bass guitar sounds good and plays good for the money i did not expect the quality that i got with this item and with a first class service from the company i could not go wrong very helpful and will return when i need something.

  7. Pamela J. Haslam

    My son’s usual gigging bass broke, he needed a spare for a gig which was planned that weekend, I ordered this on Wednesday and it arrived in time for the gig. A good stand by bass.

  8. BTW Bass

    I recently purchased this bass to play on stage with my band, using a lanes stack I managed to get a great sound without having to change anything apart from the obvious (tuning). After playing for just under an hour the strings stayed in tune properly and stays in tune really well, it gives a really good heavy metal tone and I would definitely recommend this product to other metal bassists.

  9. Miss D. L. Stephens

    This being the second Bass I’ve bought in the past few years, this model has maintained it’s quality a lot better than my last, after a fair amount of playing the strings are still sounding nice and keeping in tune over longer periods than I expected. Nothing to complain about so far, sounds great through an amp and the body has managed to stay looking brand new even after a couple months and a few accidental knocks here and there. The packaging it came in kept the guitar from getting damaged in the post and I think the manufacturer took some time to make sure that the guitar was of a high standard and they paid close attention to detail.

  10. david b

    This was my first bass guitar,i chose the Lindo purple tiger because it looked like good value for money and the write up about it was good.the service from Lindo was excellent,it was sent by royal mail and only took a day to arrive,the bass was well packaged.i was glad to see just how good the finish seems to stay in tune ok. I would recommend this bass for anyone who wants to learn how to play because if it doesn’t work out you havn’t invested too much money in marks to Lindo!

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