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Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

(82 customer reviews)

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB Series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.



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The Lindo PDB electric bass series has been garnering increasing popularity among musicians of all levels. Its unique design and concept, along with its exceptional tonal quality and versatility, have made it a preferred choice for players looking for an instrument that stands out from the crowd. The Lindo PDB electric bass guitar series offers a range of features that make it a reliable and sturdy instrument that produces a rich, distinctive sound. Its design is not only eye-catching but also ergonomic, ensuring maximum comfort and ease of use for musicians during performances. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the Lindo PDB series is a great investment that will take your music to the next level.



The Lindo PDB boasts a basswood body with smooth, rounded edges for both comfort and style. The solid walnut fretboard and maple neck produce an exceptional range of tones across the bass, treble, and mid frequencies. This well-balanced electric bass guitar features a lightweight body that provides excellent sustain and is simple to use with just one tone dial and one volume knob.

The double-cutaway design allows for easy access to higher frets, while the slim c-shaped neck allows for fast playing. The PDB series features high-output pickups based on the classic ‘p-bass’ design and a die-cast chrome adjustable bridge with individual saddle pieces for full intonation and height adjustment.

With its low action and matching chrome knobs for tone and volume adjustment, the Lindo PDB electric bass guitar is suitable for a wide range of genres, including pop, jazz, rock, and heavy metal.


The Lindo PDB features a body-matched headstock that gives the instrument a cohesive look and vibe. The walnut fretboard is adorned with beautiful ‘fly-away’ dove inlays that provide a sense of freedom and expression to the player. The headstock boasts chrome 19:1 tuning pegs perfectly matching the chrome bridge, providing a sleek and polished appearance. These tuners are not only easy to use but also solid and stable, giving the player maximum confidence that the bass is in tune and ready to play without any worry.



The Lindo PDB comes with a protective case that is designed with the environment in mind. This case is made using recycled materials, making it a sustainable choice for musicians who want to reduce their environmental impact. The soft/hard case offers reliable protection for the instrument, ensuring that it remains safe during transportation. By choosing a case made with recycled materials, you can show your commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. The Lindo case is a smart choice for conscientious musicians who care about the future of our planet.


full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.


Colour Purple
Pickups Lindo Split-coil P Hum-cancelling
Bridge Fixed
Machine Heads Alloy with chrome finish
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 22
Strings Steel (Medium gauge)
Size Full Size
Body Depth 40mm
Scale Length 34″
Nut Width 42mm
Body Material Basswood
Neck Material Maple
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material N/A
Accessories Hard Case




82 reviews for Lindo PDB Series Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case

  1. Andrew Greener

    I am so impressed with my new bass guitar!

    Apart from looking cool, it’s really nice and easy to play. As a beginner, I wasn’t really sure which guitar to choose, so I looked at the reviews and this one seemed really good, plus I wanted a purple bass!

    Within a short time I was playing songs, the bass is a lot easier than an electric or acoustic guitar, so I really was able to start playing popular tunes within an hour (with the help of online tutorials).

    Definitely a GREAT choice and for the price excellent quality! I would recommend this product and with prime it came the next day – on the weekend! So happy with this purchase.

  2. MR M.

    Great bass for the price does sound great through big amps to.

  3. J. Venner

    I’ve just started tinkering around on the bass after years of playing acoustic. I didn’t think I’d be particularly ambitious and just wanted something to add an extra layer of interest to my home recorded songs and thought I’d be happy picking out simple bass lines. Received my Lindo and have absolutely got addicted. I LOVE it. To my ears it sounds great through my little Ampeg amp. The intonation is spot on, I tinkered with the action a bit but it was almost right straight from the box and it looks terrific. Who new….a whole new world. Great!

  4. steven barrett

    This is a very good high quality instrument I can’t fault the workmanship! And a very reasonable price for what you get .in short buy one you won’t regret it!

  5. Chris McHugh

    After learning guitar for a while I decided to make the jump to bass, and opted for this one as other reviews said it was a good choice for beginners. It arrived yesterday & I’m absolutely delighted with it. It’s light & very comfortable to hold, and it has a really distinctive look. It also sounds great, and has held its tune despite me playing it every chance I get.

  6. Sophie

    The Bass Is Beautiful! It Looks Exactly Like It Should. There were some smudges on the body but those wiped right off. The Bass Plays Rather Well, And Came With A Cable 🙂 The Case Is Also Very Nice With The Rather Cute Logo On The Front. It Also Came A Day From Ordering When I Was Told I Would Have To Wait A Week. So Prompt! Its A 10/10 From Me!

  7. Daubz

    I’m very impressed with this bass the sound is amazing for the price it also holds tuning really well . The paint job is great although it is prone to show finger prints. All together a great all round bass for beginners.

  8. Jonathan Poore

    Amazingly beautiful bass. The looks and build quality have to be seen to believed at this price. Sounds great too and is so enjoyable to play! It was even tuned and ready to play straight out of the box! Highly recommend!

  9. ben

    Great sound, great to hold and to play.

  10. Mrs. W. Chapman

    The guitar arrived incredibly quickly and sounds amazing right out of the box. The fretboard is super smooth and fast and it really is the best piece of kit I’ve played that wasn’t custom-made. Definitely a highly-recommended seller and bass for newcomers and seasoned players alike.

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