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Lindo PDB Short Scale Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

(3 customer reviews)

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB Series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.



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Lindo PDB Short Scale Electric Bass Guitar – Designed in Bristol, U.K, by Lindo Guitars

Appealing to players of all levels, the Lindo PDB short scale series of electric bass guitars is becoming increasingly popular in the musical community. Its versatile nature, quality of tone and unique design are what makes it a first choice for players looking for something different.

The short scale option gives you an extremely fun-size electric bass guitar. This size and scale is ideal for all ages; boys, girls, men and women! Perfect for beginners, or if you just need a more compact bass for playing in the lounge. It’s also the ideal travel companion and is a lot less bulky.

This bass includes a very smart rigid foam hard case for protection, easy transport and storage.

Tonewood and Features

The Lindo PDB Short Scale electric bass guitar has a basswood body. It has beautifully rounded edges for style and comfort. The fretboard is solid walnut. Both tonewoods produce excellent tones across the bass, treble and mids. The neck is maple which provides a bright tone with a tight low-end. So when you are pumping out big volumes, the sound remains focused.

The basswood body is lightweight yet provides excellent sustain. Tonally, this electric bass is very well-balanced. It is simple to use with one tone dial and one volume. The pickups work together to give you a huge full tone. Just plug and play!

The fretboard features ‘fly-away’ dove inlays which give that feeling of freedom and expression. The contrast of pearly white with the solid walnut looks incredible. The unique bursts of purple on the body and headstock gives this bass heaps of character. With the shiny chrome tuning pegs and bridge, it’s an eye-catching piece of design.


The PDB Series has a lovely low action so gives the player the feeling of ease when playing. The double-cutaway allows you to reach further up the neck for more intricate bass lines. The neck is a slim c-shape and finished in satin for fast chops up and down the fretboard.


The pickups on the PDB Series are a high output set based on the classic ‘p-bass’ design. The adjustable bridge is die-cast chrome and has individual saddle pieces for full intonation and height adjustment. The machine heads are also die-cast with a chrome finish and provide stable and accurate tuning. There are matching chrome knobs for volume and tone adjustment.

Colour Purple
Pickups Lindo Bass Humbuckers
Bridge Fixed with adjustable saddles
Machine Heads Alloy with chrome finish
Truss Rod Two-way
Frets 24
Strings Steel (Medium gauge)
Size Full Size
Body Depth 40mm
Scale Length 30″
Overall Length 40″ / 101 cm (approx)
Nut ABS (42 mm)
Body Material Basswood
Neck Material Maple
Fretboard Walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Accessories Rigid foam hard case with moulded plush interior (Grey)


3 reviews for Lindo PDB Short Scale Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar And Hard Case

  1. Mark (Etsy)

    Absolutely gorgeous finish, and she sounds fantastic. 10/10.

  2. Vortigern (Reverb Customer)

    I took a risk on a guitar maker I had never heard of before to buy a short scale bass for a new player I am teaching. The result…. when the bass arrived *I* couldn’t put it down. I played it all afternoon. I finally reluctantly gave it back to my student but now I need to buy a Lindo instrument for myself. To say I was pleased by this bass is a major understatement. This is an *excellent* bass. A professional player might want a few more knobs to turn, but this bass is an absolute joy to play and sounds fantastic. You have won yourselves a fan and a customer.

  3. Dan Offer

    I’ve had this bass for a couple of days now, but wanted to give it a fair chance before writing a review.

    Why did I choose this particular bass? I was looking to get a solid-body short scale bass – something lightweight and comfortable to sit down and play, but also wanted something a bit more unique than the usual Fender P-Bass copies, so the Lindo Purple Dove really caught my eye – and as I might want to travel with this one at some point I also went for the hard-case.

    It also comes with a cable and chuck key, but doesn’t come with a shoulder strap which seems like a bit of an odd ommission to be honest.

    First things first – the bass looks stunning in person, and is surprisingly light – but also feels sturdy and well built. The purple finish is very effective, and the silver dove inlays really do make it stand out. All in all it looks a couple of steps above what you would expect for a sub £300 bass. There were no problems at all with the finish, and everything looks to have been done to a high standard.

    With it only having a single set of pickups it’s slightly quieter than my other basses, but not so quiet that it’s a problem. The action is low, and it’s very comfortable to play – although I’ll probably end up swapping the strings out for some heavier ones – but that’s just my personal preference.

    Even though the action is low there wasn’t any noticable buzz once the strings were broken in, and all in all with the light weight and low action it lends itself well to extended practice sessions.

    It holds it’s tuning well – or at least it does after a minor adjustment to one of the tuning pegs that hadn’t been properly tightened. In fact apart from one string it was pretty much in tune when it arrived.

    As the issue with the loose tuning peg was immediately apparent on trying to tune the bass for the first time it does make me wonder how they missed that when they set it up before sending it out (which according to their website they do). It’s a minor issue, but someting that might trip up a beginner.

    Initially the bass had a slightly sharp metallic sound to it (news strings on a new bass tend to sound that way), but after a couple days use it has settled down to having a nice full sound, and I think as time goes on it might end up sounding even nicer. It definitely needs a few hours of play before you start to hear the best from it.

    The hard-case is well worth the extra money if you’re planning on taking the bass out and about and looks like it’ll give some pretty good protection. It’s also not too heavy or bulky.

    So would I recommend it? Yes. It’s a good bass with some stunning looks for a decent price. It plays nicely and is certainly a better choice than a cheap Chinese copy.

    Lindo isn’t a name I was familiar with, but if their other instruments are up to the standard of this one then it’s certainly a name to look out for.

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