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Lindo B-STOCK Shark Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag – Blue Graphic Art Finish

(79 customer reviews)

We have a few brand-new guitars that unfortunately acquired some minor cosmetic imperfections during the hand-made manufacturing process. As a result, they didn’t meet our strict quality control standards. Some of these imperfections are so minor that they’re hard to capture in photos. We are offering a significant discount on this model due to these minor imperfections.

Each guitar will be fully set up before being sent to our customers. Grab yourself a bargain!

Original price was: £229.99.Current price is: £149.99. inc. VAT

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NOTE: This is a new guitar with minor cosmetic imperfections. 



Introducing the Lindo Shark electro-acoustic guitar, inspired by the captivating beauty of the ocean. Crafted using advanced guitar manufacturing technology, it boasts an attention-grabbing graphic art top finish, complemented by intricate details on the fretboard and headstock. The body is made of basswood for a warm tone, while the soundboard is spruce for bright and punchy highs. The perfect combination of these woods produces a deep, rich tone that captures the essence of individual notes and chord voices alike.



The Lindo Shark boasts a high-grade black walnut fretboard, adorned with stunning pearloid shark inlays, and a solid catalpa neck. The headstock is body matched with a graphic art print and features a laser-cut metal tribal shark design, reminiscent of a shark swimming through water, catching the light. The guitar also features a solid walnut bridge with a compensated bone saddle and bone nut, ensuring accurate intonation and pleasing tonal qualities. Its light and low action, coupled with a c-shape neck profile, make it extremely user-friendly for both strumming and fingerstyle playing. The auditorium body includes a cutaway, providing easy access to the upper frets.



Get even more out of your Lindo Shark with its piezoelectric pickup/preamp and integrated chromatic tuner. With enhanced jack and XLR outputs, you can plug directly into external PA equipment or a recording/mixing desk while still being connected to your guitar amplifier. Whether playing live, recording at home, or in a professional studio, the Shark’s TOPS-4T preamp EQ with bass, middle, treble, and presence controls lets you create your own unique tone. The backlit LCD display with built-in chromatic/auto tuner ensures easy tuning with great visibility, while the low-battery indicator gives you a heads-up that it may be time for a battery change.



The Lindo Shark’s headstock is body matched, complete with a graphic art print and a striking metal shark decal in the center. The Lindo branded tuners in a sleek chrome finish ensure a smooth and precise tuning experience, adding a touch of elegance to this already eye-catching guitar.

full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.



Colour Ocean Blue
Preamp TOPS-4T
Pick-up Piezoelectric
Machine Heads Alloy with Chrome Finish
Truss Rod Two way
Frets 20
Strings Steel (light gauge)
Size 41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth 100mm
Scale Length 25.5″
Top Material Spruce
Side Material Linden Wood
Back Material Linden Wood
Fretboard Solid Walnut
Neck Catalpa
Bridge Solid walnut
Inlay Material ABS
Binding Material ABS
Nut Bone 43mm
Saddle Bone (compensated)
Accessories Padded Gig bag, Allen key





79 reviews for Lindo B-STOCK Shark Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag – Blue Graphic Art Finish

  1. HoneybaderDC

    Chose this guitar as an upgrade from their alien model (lovely entry level guitar).
    Delivery was outstandingly fast considering how close to Christmas.
    Upon opening I was speechless as to how beautiful this guitar is, the product photos just don’t do it enough justice.
    After picking it up and tuning ( which was near perfect out of the box) I figured I’d have a little bit of a play and before I knew it 2 hours had past, it is so comfortable to hold and play, sounds terrific too.

  2. Cathy

    Bought this for my sons 10th birthday as he has been playing for 3yrs. Had to send it back originally and the display screen was faulty but Lindo customer service was brilliant. Quick email response and sent a new one out quickly. Excellent sounding guitar. Couldn’t fault it. Well worth the money. Totally recommended

  3. Nick C.

    This guitar apart from being surprisingly different in cosmetic design… also plays really well… though the sound is ‘bright’… you can still hear all the range of this instrument coming through…top / mid / and bottom strings .. the sound really cuts through everything… lovely guitar in all departments..

    Nick. C

  4. Lee Hodson

    I’ve had my guitar for about a week. Before buying it I listened to a few demos of different guitars being played. I wanted to hear the sound of each one. This one sounded best for my price range. The reality has not disappointed me.

    I am a novice guitar player but grew up listening to my dad play guitar. He now teaches music — one of the many plot twists in his vocational life. My review of this guitar needs to be understood in that context.

    Fresh out of the box the action seemed a little high and the guitar must be tuned. Atmospheric conditions vary from location to location so we always need to keep an ear on the strings. There is an allen key in the package which is used to adjust the neck and therefore to lower the action. The built in tuner will help with the tuning, you will know by ear anyway. There are plenty of ‘how to’ guides on YouTube which will help you set up your guitar.

    You will need a spare packet of strings just in case you snap a few — easily done **cough cough**. You might need a pack of plectrums (I bought a tin of 48 for £3.99 on Amazon) and cleaning solution (again, I bought some on Amazon for £3.89) and a strap. If you’re very new to guitar play it will take a week or so for the skin on your fingers to toughen up enough to comfortably press the strings.

    Would be nice if the guitar came with a couple of plectrums, a spare set of strings and a strap. For the price, one would imagine these to be part of the package but they are not.

    Overall, the guitar looks and sounds great. On close inspection the dots on the edge of the neck could be a little tidier but I’m very happy with my purchase.

    One final note. A friend of a friend visited a few days ago. His young daughter who is about 8 years old is learning to play guitar. She easily strummed an E chord on this guitar. If she can do it then you can too.

  5. A. Lewis

    I had always fancied the Shark as an electro acoustic for its looks, but it was only once I had bought another cheaper Lindo guitar and found it to be really nice that I seriously considered going for the Shark. If you get into this level of price there are a few alternatives – would the Shark ‘eat up all the competition’? The answer is YES. It came fast and securely packed and after a bit of tuning it was ready to go – and no sooner had I started playing it, I wasn’t wanting to stop. The action is fabulous – as good as guitars that are three times this price. It sounds sweet and ‘musical’ – and it is probably the nicest electro acoustic that I have. Where it really scores is in no player fatigue – I played it all day long and came away without feeling as though I had been playing that long. The looks are as good as the images suggest, possibly better as you can get close up and it is a really beautiful instrument. There are ‘shark’ capos available online, should anyone want to go to those lengths (they come in gold, silver or black) – and as I use a sharksfin plectrum, that just about makes the set. It strums nicely, and finger picks great too – and feels solid and nicely made. Tuners seem to be accurate. I think this is going to be a good long lasting guitar from the quality, and I can highly recommend it.

  6. Ladylush

    My son ordered this and is so happy- it’s just Fabulous 10/10. Product and delivery.

  7. Me

    I bought this from the Lindo store on Ebay ( hoping I can still get my free strings though!) I had the old model of this which unfortunately met with an accident so Got this as it’s replacement. Brilliant guitar and superb value for money. Lovely rich yet bright tone. Tuner is accurate. Pre-amp is great.
    Easy to play and superbly set up. Loads of free stuff with it. Can’t fault it. I’ve now got sharkfin pickups and a shark capo to match!

  8. David H.

    I am now the proud owner of two Lindo electro accoustic Guitars. One is stored in UK and the other in France where I live. As an entertainer on Cruise ships my guitars have to travel all around the world, sometimes getting lost by airlines but turning up in the end. They are fantastic guitars regardless of price ( which is exceptional for the quality). They also look good on stage, and sound great through a show theatre sound system.
    If you are unsure about buying one, rest assured you will be amazed by the quality.

  9. OliverDavenport

    i am new to playing the guitar so in reality i am a total beginner and this is my humble opinion on the new lindo shark. on opening and seeing it for the first time – it is very impressive! my elderly neighbour came around this morning for a coffee and asked me if it had arrived, and on seeing it stated: “it looks the part, doesnt it?” (elderly speak for impressive, i think??). i did a lot of reading/research on-line (as i was on a budget), and now its here, i know i have made the right choice, as the following basic testimony will indicate. the tuner/pre amp and its outlets are very well fitted, the machine heads turn smoothly, its strings feel and appear good quality, the body and neck has a lovely shine and the rosewood fret board is smooth and well made with the shark inlays (fret board markers) very well fitted and finished off. i have strummed the guitar (as im told this is one of the first things you should learn, as you need a good strumming technique) and the sound/tone is very pleasing to my ears, and to me, in my humble opinion, sounds quality! my neighour wanted to hear it with the amplifier (a lindo avg-10), and after some tweaking, i achieved a very nice sound indeed! the chromatic tuner is very easy to use, and as it transpires, very accurate, as i also have the lindo wst-65old tuner, and on using this to double check the tuning of my guitar – showed each and every string was perfectly in tune – which was very reassuring to see on the display. this review is not that of a professional.

  10. Amazon Customer

    The guitar came in a good condition. There was a slight fret buzz when I strum hard on the first string so I contacted Lindo’s customer service and they were really efficient and helpful. The guitar sounds good, and I like it a lot!

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