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Lindo Willow Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag – Open Pore

(52 customer reviews)

The Lindo Willow is a great all-round electro-acoustic guitar created by Lindo Guitars for beginners and more experienced players alike. Part of the range of guitars implementing exotic woods, this particular model features a stunning willow wood top, back and sides.

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Introducing the Lindo Willow – an exceptional guitar designed by Lindo Guitars in Bristol. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the C-shaped neck ensures easy playability. This guitar is ideal for both big chord players and intricate fingerstyle, providing versatility like no other. The willow wood top, back, and sides, which have a unique and stunning open-pore transparent blue finish, highlight the individual grain patterns. The finish evokes the essence of faraway lakes, oceans, and warm summer days. The wood’s open-pore texture is pleasing to the touch and enables a more natural and open tone. The Lindo Willow is part of a range of Lindo guitars that utilize exotic woods, and it is sure to be a treasured addition to any collection.



Experience exceptional tonal properties with the Lindo Willow guitar, featuring a solid walnut fretboard and bridge. The willow body, combined with the catalpa neck, provides an exceptional balance of resonance and warmth. The catalpa neck is reminiscent of mahogany, possessing qualities that are strong, true, and resonant. The solid walnut bridge not only sounds great but also balances the fretboard aesthetically. With its outstanding features and benefits, the Lindo Willow is sure to impress both beginner and experienced players alike.


headstock and tuners

The Lindo Willow boasts an ‘open book’ style headstock design, complete with the iconic Lindo metal logo and matching open pore finish. To add a touch of luxury to this budget-friendly instrument, it is equipped with our Lindo branded tuners. The result is a sleek and polished look that perfectly complements the guitar’s stunning appearance. With its exceptional attention to detail, the Lindo Willow is a guitar that you’ll be proud to show off on stage or in the studio.



The Lindo Willow guitar comes equipped with the highly convenient F-4T preamp, making it an excellent instrument to have on stage or in the studio. This preamp boasts a built-in digital tuner and a 4-band EQ (treble, middle, bass, and presence) as well as an independent volume control and low-battery indicator. The integrated digital tuner allows for quick and easy tuning in any lighting condition without the need for an external tuner or a quiet space to hear the strings. The Lindo Willow F-4T connects to a dual output, which includes a ¼” jack and a balanced XLR. This output module also houses the 9v battery that powers the unit. Whether connecting to an amplifier, mixing desk, or audio interface, the dual output on the Lindo Willow provides unmatched versatility and convenience.

full professional setup by our uk guitar tech

At Lindo Guitars, we take pride in every guitar we sell. Our dedicated guitar technician meticulously sets up each instrument to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the truss rod adjustment to the perfect action. This means that when your guitar arrives, it will be ready to play straight out of the box, with only a quick tune-up required. We believe that you should be able to focus on playing and making beautiful music, without having to worry about the technicalities. So rest assured, with a Lindo Guitar, you’re not just buying an instrument. You’re investing in quality, care, and attention to detail.



PreampF-4T with 4-band EQ and built-in tuner
Machine HeadsAlloy with chrome finish
Truss RodTwo-way
StringsSteel (light)
Size41″ (Full-size)
Body Depth120mm
Scale Length25.5″
Nut43mm bone
Top MaterialWillow
Side MaterialWillow
Back MaterialWillow
FretboardSolid walnut
BridgeSolid walnut
Inlay MaterialABS
Binding MaterialABS
SaddleBone (compensated)
AccessoriesGig bag, 9V battery and Allen key.





52 reviews for Lindo Willow Electro Acoustic Guitar and Padded Gigbag – Open Pore

  1. DavidL

    Well built guitar that plays brilliantly, stays in tune, feels great and in a lovely navy blue shade through which you can see the wood grain. Really nice not just in looks but in what really counts; as a musical instrument.

  2. Paul T. Cimatti

    Hi all, this is the second acoustic guitar I have owned, the first one being an Eko Ranger, I find this guitar, although about the same price, to be superior, not only because it has a built in tuner, but the sound is as good, if not better than the Eko, and the fact that I will now get a free set of strings…….and a couple of plectrums, plectra? What ever, nudge nudge, wink wink to Lindo (I am only supposed to get strings). Great Guitar. Note: to play through the amp, switch off the tuner!!

  3. Matt Bjørndal-Lessiter

    Fantastic piece of kit for the money – great sound both at home and gigging.

  4. keith Nelson

    Great sound, perfect for gigs or for just a bit of jamming

  5. Mark Banjo

    After ordering this product I got a call the next day from Lindo guitars to tell me my guitar had been dispatched … then it arrived the following morning which was quicker than the earliest delivery time, in fact it was lucky we were in! After opening the box I was slightly disappointed that the colour IS darker than than the picture, and not quite as much pattern as showed … I was slightly concerned as the video was depicting a darker guitar … what I got was somewhere in the middle. This is why I deduct 1 star because the guitar arrived in perfect condition the tuner is lovely and lights up blue , a lead , gig bag supplied, packaged well and other than the darker colour I can not fault it 🙂 so i am writing this review to receive a free set of strings ( an incentive to try and encourage customers to give a review ) from a professional musician based on the Isle of Wight ( banjo/ guitars/banjoleles) cheers Lindo.

  6. Chris H

    This was instant love for me, as soon as it arrived I was impressed, it plays like a dream straight out of the box, the tones are bright and warm, presumably thanks to the unusual choice of materials, and everybody who has picked it up has remarked what excellent value for money it is. I’m used to lighter strings than the 12s it shipped with, but it is so playable i’m going to leave them and continue with 12s.

    You could pay a lot more than this for an inferior guitar. Sounds even better plugged in.

    It’s a very attractive guitar to look at as well, nice work done on the binding, and a lovely deep blue finish. It’s a bit less bright than the pictures make it look. It’s also a bit less fancy than some of the guitars Lindo produce for the same price, but I am assuming the money has been spent on the materials rather than the bling, as it really plays well. A great guitar for beginners and intermediates, but some really excellent guitarists have tried it out at my house and been suitably impressed.

    Did I say it plays really well?

  7. AudioPhile

    Firstly- This guitar IS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY LOOKING! Oh jeez i was admiring it for a while before i even touched the strings. Beautiful work from Lindo, looks damn gorgeous maaaayn.

    Secondly, sounds beautiful. Clear vibrant sound when acoustic and still clear when you plug it in to a mixer or amp. The tuner is a piece of cake to use and automatically guesses which string you are tuning- You can also manually pick a string/note which is also useful too. [Comes with a battery already inside the little pop out magazine style compartment- Badass!]

    Seriously, this is a very nice guitar- Was a tad bit worried that buying an acoustic guitar from amazon without playing it might be a silly idea but hey, i’m happy to be wrong about that for this bad boy!

    If i was gonna really pick holes, the case is quite naff but that’s kinda to be expected when you get a soft case. Another bad point was that the wires inside weren’t glued down, meaning if i shake the guitar you can hear them rattle about- Not a big deal at all.

    In essence, it’s lovely and i am incredibly pleased with this purchase- I know you will be too.

  8. Gabriel

    Very quick delivery time. Received the guitar in perfect condition on a Sunday!!! (was expecting it on Monday at the earliest). Very good guitar and would highly recommend this as a first guitar. Very sound build, a sturdy guitar and looks gorgeous. Sound is brilliant although I have only tried the acoustic part of the guitar. Looking forward to trying it out on an amp!!!

  9. Alien

    Excellent quality guitar, playability is good. Can’t find 1 fault with this product, no imperfections, sounds great (432hz). Brought this product during black Friday at a slight discount, so happy all round.

  10. stephen watkins

    Great Guitar for beginner oir second guitar! lovely sound which come alive whem amplified at a reasonable price! I bought this as an open box product the only thing wrong with it was a snapped fist string and one machine head which just needed tightening! its a good guitar at full price but with £70.00 off its a bargain!!

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